Latest Submissions

7 July 2020

How to reduce homelessness

Housing the growing number of Australians who are homeless poses substantial challenges, but policy can make a big difference if we make the right choices.

6 July 2020

Recovering from the COVID recession

The Federal Government and the states must start planning for sizeable fiscal stimulus to support the economy beyond October and into next year.

3 July 2020

How to make Australian politics cleaner

The donations system needs to be made more transparent, to help rebuild trust in our politics.

22 June 2020

Building a bridge to a low-emissions future

Australia’s governments should build a ‘bridge’ to support research, development, and deployment of technologies that could cut emissions at lowest cost. Here’s how.

16 June 2020

The consequences of private involvement in healthcare

The evidence from Australia suggests that the community would not benefit from an expansion of private funding of healthcare.

1 May 2020

Learning the lessons from the 2019-20 bushfires

Last summer’s bushfire season was not a one-off. Here’s what authorities should do to ensure we are better prepared in future.

29 April 2020

Preparing for a hotter Australia

The warming climate means Australia faces an increased risk of natural disasters such as bushfires, heatwaves, droughts, and floods. Health authorities must be prepared, and improve their response systems.

16 March 2020

Tackling homelessness in Victoria

A growing number of Victorians are homeless. Here’s what the Victorian Government should – and should not – do to best help people most in need.

1 March 2020

Balancing Act: managing the trade-offs in retirement incomes policy

The retirement incomes system works well for most, but fails too many poorer Australians, especially low-income women and retirees who rent. Here’s how to make a good system better and fairer.

5 February 2020

Enhancing the role of the Parliamentary Budget Office

The PBO has quickly established itself as an important part of Australia’s policy landscape. But its role and impact can and should be enhanced. Here’s how.