Latest Submissions

8 July 2019

Unis should not pay the Government’s HELP administrative costs

HELP is a government program established to benefit students. The Commonwealth Government should not require higher education providers to pay for the Department’s administrative costs. If there is be any charge for using HELP, students should pay it.

8 July 2019

How to make hospital funding fairer

In theory, Commonwealth Government funding to the states for public hospital services is supposed to ensure that total payments for public and private patients are equal. In practice, it doesn’t work that way.

17 June 2019

How to improve NAPLAN

NAPLAN is a national asset. Without it, we would know much less about the results and effectiveness of school education in Australia. But NAPLAN can and should be improved. In this submission, Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann propose five reforms.

30 May 2019

How to improve the conduct and regulation of lobbying

Registers of lobbyists in Australia should include all who lobby regularly, whether for a client, a peak body, union or other employer. Lobbyists on the register should declare who and what they are lobbying for.

13 May 2019

Different types of health data should be governed differently

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy’s draft recommendation on the protection and use of health-related data needs to be revised because it reflects an old and static understanding of ‘health data’.

30 April 2019

Raising the status of teaching

Teachers in Australia feel their work is under-valued, tertiary scores to enter teaching are falling, and the best and brightest school-leavers are increasingly rejecting the opportunity to teach. Here’s how policy makers can raise the status of teaching.

4 April 2019

How to improve cataract treatment

It can transform lives, but three problems bedevil provision of cataract surgery in Australia: complications still arise, waiting times are too long, and the rate of provision varies significantly across the country.

25 March 2019

The risks in setting a default market offer price for electricity retailers

The Australian Energy Regulator has proposed a pragmatic approach to the delicate task of setting a default market offer price. But risks to competition remain from any form of price cap.

25 March 2019

A mixed model is best for pharmacist prescribing

Using pharmacists’ skills better – by allowing suitably prepared pharmacists to prescribe – would improve Australians’ access to health care, facilitate better medication management, reduce costs, and ease the burden on general practice.

28 February 2019

Beware performance funding schemes for teaching

The government proposes paying a small proportion of university teaching funding only to universities that meet performance indicator targets. These targets could include employment outcomes, student satisfaction, and enrollments from equity groups. This submission argues that performance funding schemes for teaching rarely work well.