30 August 2011

New protectionism under carbon pricing

The Government’s unduly generous assistance to industry under its carbon emissions package may create a new protectionism. The whole community will pay for unjustified subsidies to the LNG and coal industries.

7 April 2011

Learning the hard way: Australia’s policies to reduce emissions

An analysis of more than 300 government programs to tackle climate change since 1997 demonstrates clearly what works and what does not in reducing carbon emissions. What reduces emissions most effectively and cheaply is the creation of a market.

15 December 2010

Markets to reduce pollution: cheaper than expected

Technology innovation driven by markets is the key to reducing carbon emissions. Experience shows that markets may not be perfect, but they are consistently effective at identifying lower cost opportunities, promoting innovation, and responding flexibly to changes.

22 April 2010

Restructuring the Australian economy to emit less carbon

Industry by industry analysis shows that an Australian carbon price will not result in widespread job losses or higher carbon emissions. Proposed free permits under the CPRS are expensive and will delay restructuring the Australian economy efficiently to emit less carbon.