6 April 2014

Doubtful debt: the rising cost of student loans

By 2017 the Government will have $13 billion of student loans on its books that it does not expect to collect. With modest reforms it could recoup $800 million a year while still meeting the loan scheme’s goals.

6 August 2013

Keep the caps off

The Government should reconsider any plan to end its university open access policy. For a small saving, the change would reduce the number of students from disadvantaged backgrounds, hurt university innovation and shrink the supply of graduates into areas of shortage.

21 July 2013

Taking university teaching seriously

Australian universities undervalue teaching. As the number of students expands toward 40 per cent of young people, it’s time to give university teaching the priority it deserves.

8 April 2013

The online evolution: when technology meets tradition in higher education

Online higher education is set to drive huge changes to traditional teaching and learning. The university and classroom are far from dead, but they will be very different.

20 January 2013

Mapping Australian higher education, 2013

Grattan Institute’s annual assessment of the state of Australian higher education shows that both numbers of domestic students and costs are rising sharply, following the abolition of most enrolment controls in 2012. The system is mostly in good health, and graduates continue to earn well.

5 August 2012

Graduate Winners: Assessing the public and private benefits of higher education

Higher education tuition subsidies are generally too high. They benefit students who already gain a great advantage from higher education. It is time to find a funding model that makes better use of public funds.

29 January 2012

Mapping Australian higher education 2012

Higher education is entering one of its most significant periods in recent history. Mapping Australian higher education puts in one place facts, figures and analysis for understanding institutions, students, and outcomes.