9 October 2020

Hard hat or hard-hit? Evaluating the 2020 Federal Budget – Podcast

With this week’s release of the historic 2020 Federal Budget, economic stimulus seems to be all about high-vis and hard hats. But what about the hardest hit?

21 September 2020

How governments should prioritise their agenda

Faced with the hard task of economic recovery from COVID-19, governments need to prioritise policy changes that makes a difference, while minimising the political cost. But Australian policy has stagnated under the lack of prioritisation.

20 July 2020

Grattan’s origins and achievements: Danielle Wood interviews John Daley

As we farewell Grattan’s CEO of eleven years, John Daley, and welcome our new CEO, Danielle Wood, we present the first part of a special two-part podcast series, looking at where Grattan has come from, and where Grattan will go. This week, Danielle Wood interviews John Daley on his achievements and the origins of the Grattan Institute.

2 March 2020

Balancing Act: managing the trade-offs in retirement incomes policy

The retirement incomes system works well for most, but fails too many poorer Australians, especially low-income women and retirees who rent.

Listen to Brendan Coates, Household Finances Program Director, Jonathan Nolan, Associate, and Paul Austin, Editor, unpack the complexities of retirement incomes policy.

3 February 2020

Do increases in superannuation come out of wages?

It’s a common assumption that compulsory superannuation comes out of workers’ wages. But is it true? Listen to Brendan Coates, Household Finances Program Director, and Matt Cowgill, Senior Associate discuss their latest working paper No Free Lunch: Higher superannuation means lower wages.

24 January 2020

Could the bushfire crisis be the turning point for climate policy in Australia?

Dozens of lives have been lost and homes destroyed due to the Australian bushfires. In the midst of the tragedy, a big question arises. Might the summer of 2020 be a turning point in climate politics and policy in Australia?

9 December 2019

Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List 2019 – Podcast

Listen to Grattan Institute CEO John Daley in discussion with Budget Policy Program Director Danielle Wood about the six works on the 2019 Prime Minister’s Summer Reading List.

5 August 2019

What would it take to end homelessness in Queensland?

All Australians are spending more of their incomes on housing, but worsening affordability is hurting low-income earners the most. Almost half of low-income Australians in the private rental market suffer rental stress. It’s probably no coincidence that homelessness is rising.

6 June 2019

How governments can help struggling Australians with rising housing costs – Melbourne

Event podcast: In this Policy Pitch event at the State Library of Victoria, Council of Homeless Persons CEO Jenny Smith, Residential Tenancies in Victoria inaugural Commissioner Dr Heather Holst and Grattan Institute Fellow Brendan Coates discussed the best way to help low-income earners deal with rising housing costs and reduce the number of Australians who are homelessness.

27 May 2019

What should the next Federal Government do on retirement incomes? — Sydney

Event podcast: In this Forward Thinking event, Grattan Institute’s Brendan Coates and The Australian Financial Review’s Joanna Mather discussed what the winner of the May 18 federal election should do to fix superannuation, and the retirement incomes system more broadly.