13 June 2017

Will the NSW Premier’s new housing plan make a difference?

A conversation with Australian Perspective Fellow Brendan Coates and Associate Trent Wiltshire. Sydney is ground zero for Australia’s booming housing market. And NSW is the latest government to released a plan to tackle growing public anxiety over housing affordability. But will the plan make a difference?

24 April 2017

Will the ALP’s new housing affordability plan make a difference?

An interview with Australian Perspectives Fellow, Brendan Coates. Labor has announced their new package to fix housing affordability. Will it make a difference? Or will this be another instance of governments wanting to appear to make housing more affordable, rather than actually fixing the problem?

18 April 2017

Proposals and priorities: How to make housing more affordable

An interview with Australian Perspectives Fellow, Brendan Coates. How big is Australia’s Housing affordability problem? What is the federal government’s strategy to date? And what else needs to be done to see housing actually become more affordable?

7 April 2017

Housing affordability: Resurrecting the Australian dream – Sydney

Event Podcast: In this Forward Thinking event at the State Library of NSW, Jessica Irvine, senior economics writer for Fairfax Media, Princess Ventura, Director at Urbis and Grattan Institute Fellow Brendan Coates discussed the problem, and weighed the options for reform.

3 April 2017

A dearth of diversity: Australia’s women problem

An interview podcast with Australian Perspectives Fellow, Danielle Wood on the causes of the shortage of women in leadership and influence roles in Australia and what can be done to address it.