12 April 2021

How to get to net-zero emissions in the National Electricity Market – Podcast

Join Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications, with Tony Wood, Energy and Climate Change Program Director, and James Ha, associate, in conversation about their new report, Go for Net Zero: A practical plan for reliable, affordable, low-emissions electricity.

2 February 2021

What’s ahead for climate policy in 2021? – Podcast

Climate change policy is in for a rocky ride in 2021. And sometimes it’s hard to make sense of where Australia stands on climate change. How are emissions going? And what do our politicians need to do to get to net-zero emissions by 2050?

16 November 2020

Flame out: the future of natural gas in Australia – podcast

28 September 2020

Good gas? Reforming the energy system after COVID-19 – Podcast

13 July 2020

Zero-emissions Australia: opportunities and barriers – Webinar recording

In this Grattan Institute/State Library of Queensland Webinar, a panel of experts explored the opportunities and barriers Australia will face in a low-emissions world.

11 May 2020

Start with steel: A practical plan to support carbon workers and cut emissions

Investing in ‘green’ steel could create 25,000 local manufacturing jobs, a multi-billion-dollar industry and cut emissions in Australia. It’s a win-win-win.

24 January 2020

Could the bushfire crisis be the turning point for climate policy in Australia?

Dozens of lives have been lost and homes destroyed due to the Australian bushfires. In the midst of the tragedy, a big question arises. Might the summer of 2020 be a turning point in climate politics and policy in Australia?

9 January 2020

Energy Futures: Hydrogen, worth the hype?

Hydrogen is now surging to the top of the global decarbonisation agenda. Australia’s competitive advantages, including local expertise and infrastructure, proximity to Asian markets, and abundance of renewable energy, could mean we become a globally significant player through hydrogen exports, with important domestic spill-over benefits. Listen to Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO discuss the hydrogen strategy at the Energy Futures forum, co-hosted by the Grattan Institute and the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI).

18 November 2019

Avoiding another Hazelwood: how to manage coal closures – Podcast

This event podcast looks at the challenges facing the National Electricity Market as it transitions away from coal and towards renewables.

8 October 2019

Power play: how governments can better direct Australia’s electricity market

Listen to Grattan Institute’s Energy Program Director Tony Wood and Fellow Guy Dundas discuss solutions for Australia’s electricity market with Paul Austin.