30 May 2014

Energy in 2014: more mines than field

Based on recent and current Grattan Institute research and analysis, this presentation and discussion brought together the key drivers that are behind a very messy story and assessed where things are likely to go from here.

28 May 2014

Super rip-off? Policy options for a better superannuation deal

This Policy Pitch event highlighted findings from the report, discussed the role that superannuation now plays in the Australian economy, and discussed the reform agenda for the sector.

20 May 2014

Coping with hotter summers: the challenge for our electricity system

On 30 April, as part of the ‘Energy Futures’ series, the Melbourne Energy Institute and Grattan Institute co-hosted a public forum on the future of peak demand in Australia.

16 April 2014

State of Australian budgets

20 March 2014

Global influences on Australia

6 December 2013

2013 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister

2 December 2013

Balancing budgets: tough choices we need to make

25 September 2013

Renovating housing policy

4 September 2013

Minister Mark Butler on Labor’s Climate Change Strategy

2 August 2013

Australia and California: The climate action conversation