4 July 2017

Gonski 2.0 – Where to from here

A conversation with School Education Program Director, Pete Goss. The Coalition’s Education Amendment Bill or Gonski 2.0 as its been coined, has passed through the senate. And while Gonski 2.0 is a step forward in school funding, this is just one aspect of improving Australia’s schools. So what will likely happen now? And what should happen next?

23 June 2017

Engaging students: creating better classroom environments for learning – Sydney

Event Podcast: In this Forward Thinking event, Dr Peter Goss, Grattan Institute School Education Program Director, hosted a panel of leading educators to explore: What is happening in Australia’s classrooms; how can schools and teachers create better classroom environments for learning; and, what policy changes would help schools the most.

21 June 2017

A look at Nuclear energy

A conversation with Energy Program Director Tony Wood and special guest – Director of Energy at the Breakthrough Institute, Jessica Lovering. Jessica has co-authored a number of reports and publications looking a Nuclear energy, including the recent How to make Nuclear Innovative. Jessica and Tony discuss what the future of Nuclear energy might be and what a Nuclear energy source would look like now compared to days past.

13 June 2017

Will the NSW Premier’s new housing plan make a difference?

A conversation with Australian Perspective Fellow Brendan Coates and Associate Trent Wiltshire. Sydney is ground zero for Australia’s booming housing market. And NSW is the latest government to released a plan to tackle growing public anxiety over housing affordability. But will the plan make a difference?

8 June 2017

What is a fair amount for university students to pay?

Event Podcast: In this Policy Pitch event, co-hosted by the Policy Shop podcast the following issues were examined: Why Australia has a hybrid public-private system of funding higher education; Consequences for the demand and supply of student places of Australia’s university funding system; Consequences for student and graduate finances of student charges and HELP repayments; and, Consequences for universities and the student experience.

2 June 2017

Improving health care by empowering patients: Reflections on the Productivity Commission’s draft report on human services

An interview with Health Program Director, Stephen Duckett. The productivity commission has released their draft report on competition and user choice in human services for comment. The report makes a number of recommendations for improving the provision of health care including caring for people at the end of their life as well as hospital and dental services.

30 May 2017

Gonski 2.0: what will it look like and what’s still missing?

An interview with School Education Program Director Pete Goss. The Commonwealth Government’s 2017 Amendment to the Education Act, its ‘Gonski 2.0’ plan has shown the most promise yet on delivering needs-based funding in line with the Gonski review of 2011. But changes are still necessary to ensure the greatest impact.

21 May 2017

Powering through: How to restore confidence in the National Electricity Market

An interview with Grattan Institute Associate, Kate Griffiths. Urgent action is needed to reduce the risk of power blackouts this summer. But the danger is politicians panicking and rushing to decisions that push up electricity prices and make it harder to cut emissions. What’s needed is market reform, not government investments in generation.

16 May 2017

Budget 2017: the verdict

A conversation with Grattan’s CEO, John Daley and Australian Perspectives Fellow, Brendan Coates, featuring guest interviews with Grattan Program Directors, Jim Minifie, Stephen Duckett, Marion Terrill, Pete Goss and Andrew Norton. A guide to the 2017 Budget – the main themes, budget repair, budget methodology and Bill Shorten’s Budget reply.

8 May 2017

Before the Budget: Everything you need to know

A conversation with Australian Perspective Fellows, Danielle Wood and Brendan Coates. Budget Night is fast approaching and there has been much speculation on what might be announced as well as a number of early deliveries to whet your policy appetites. So what have we heard so far and what’s likely to make its way into Budget Night’s final chapter?

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