9 October 2020

Hard hat or hard-hit? Evaluating the 2020 Federal Budget – Podcast

With this week’s release of the historic 2020 Federal Budget, economic stimulus seems to be all about high-vis and hard hats. But what about the hardest hit?

31 August 2020

Congestion charging: why now?

With so many people working from home, it might seem strange to be thinking about congestion charging. But, it might also be the best time.

3 August 2020

Fast Train Fever: Should Australia build a bullet train from Brisbane to Melbourne?

25 May 2020

Fast train fever: Why renovated rail might work but bullet trains won’t – Podcast

Listen to Greg Moran, Senior Associate, and Tom Crowley, Associate, discuss their latest report Fast train fever: why renovated rail might work but bullet trains won’t.

12 March 2020

Tackling Melbourne’s Congestion – Event recording

Up until now, state governments’ main efforts to reduce congestion have been to build new roads and add new public transport services. But decades of new roads and new public transport have left Melbourne with the level of congestion we see today. Listen to this Grattan Institute event recording on ‘Tackling Melbourne’s Congestion’.

14 October 2019

Why it’s time for congestion charging

Australia’s capital cities should join many of the great cities of the world by charging drivers who use the busiest roads at the busiest times.

17 April 2019

Federal Election 2019: Big ideas for Australia’s next government

Event podcast: In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Grattan Institute’s tax, energy, health, housing, retirement incomes, and transport & cities experts considered the issues in their field and nominate the choices that would really make a difference to Australia’s future. The discussion drew on Grattan’s Commonwealth Orange Book 2019, which identifies policy priorities for the next government.

17 April 2019

Commonwealth Orange Book 2019: Policy priorities for the federal government

A comprehensive conversation with the contributors to the Grattan Commonwealth Orange Book 2019 breaking down the key policy priorities for the next federal government. Drawing on 10 years of Grattan research and reports, the Orange Book recommends that Australia’s next federal government should defy the national mood of reform fatigue and stare down vested interests to pursue a targeted agenda to improve the lives of Australians.

13 November 2018

State Orange Book 2018: Policy priorities for states and territories – Melbourne

Event podcast: Following the release of our State Orange Book 2018, this Policy Pitch event, featuring a number of Grattan Institute Fellows and Program Directors, examined some of the policy recommendations from ten years of Grattan Institute reports and outline what state and territory governments should do to improve Australia

31 October 2018

South-East Queensland in a time of change – Brisbane

Event podcast: At this State of Affairs event Marion Terrill from the Grattan Institute, Matt Collins, who’s leading the Queensland Government’s Cities Transformation Taskforce, and moderator Steve Abson, who is Chief Executive of the Infrastructure Association of Queensland explored the state of Queensland’s cities and where to from here.