Taking university teaching seriously

by Andrew Norton

Australian higher education is expanding rapidly. Yet about a quarter of students going to university on lower entry scores never complete their degrees, and a lot of money, time and talent goes to waste. One vital response is to improve the quality of teaching, which has long been neglected in Australian universities. A new scheme to create 2,500 teaching-focused positions across 12 universities would double the number of such positions in Australia and begin to spread a culture of high-quality teaching in our higher education system.

Andrew Norton writes about university teaching in The Conversation.

Watch an interview with Andrew Norton about the report

As part of the research for Taking university teaching seriously, Grattan conducted a study based on two student surveys to investigate the effects of research on the student experience. A summary of this research appears in chapter 5 of Taking university teaching seriously. The background report, The teaching-research nexus in higher education, contains more detail on theories around the ‘teaching-research nexus’, detailed findings, and the methodology used in the study.