Gas at the crossroads: Australia’s hard choice


by Tony Wood

Big gas price increases are looming for Australian homes and businesses. But the emerging export industry will deliver great economic benefits, and governments should resist rising calls for gas protection.

Budget_Pressures_image_article GRATTAN TV

13 October 2014

How behavioural economics does and can shape public policy

Victorians go to the polls on November 29. What are the big policy questions Victorians should consider before they vote?

Natural_gas_plant_26406043_article NEWS & OPINION

30 October 2014

Hunt must show his deal is highway to the future, not a side alley

The government has taken a significant step. It will have a legislated climate change policy. Crossing the desert in a single bound is impossible. For now scepticism is the logical response, but if the weaknesses in the scheme are addressed, and if Hunt can have the wins in policy that he’s had in politics, he might justify a surprise endorsement.

Natural_gas_17655386_article SPEECHES & EVENTS

13 November 2014

The future of gas supply and demand in eastern Australia

The emergence of liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities in Queensland means that now for the first time eastern Australian gas is linked to the world market. This Energy Futures seminar will explore the impacts this will have on Australian’s that use gas in their home or business.


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