The wealth of generations


by John Daley and Danielle Wood

Older Australians are capturing a rising share of wealth, while the wealth of the young has stagnated. It is time to renew Australia’s generational bargain with policies that ensure rising living standards for all ages.


18 November 2014

Australia’s age-based tax and welfare system: is it fair?

Australia’s tax and welfare system is one of the most tightly targeted in the world. Is age-based welfare justified? Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services discussed the issues with Grattan Institute CEO, John Daley.


22 January 2015

Electricity sales can power renaissance for the states

In the words of the Productivity Commission, it is important that white elephants remain an endangered species.


05 February 2015

Gas: too good to burn?

Panel members will reflect on whether we could or should switch away from gas, and if indeed a situation could arise in which our gas is priced out of the market.


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