Hot property: negative gearing and capital gains tax


by John Daley and Danielle Wood

Reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax would save the government about $5.3 billion a year and improve housing affordability without significantly hurting incentives to save. Change is long overdue.


12 April 2016

Generation less? Exploring the economic challenge for young Australians

In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Jennifer Rayner, Professor Rod Maddock from Victoria University and Grattan Fellow Danielle Wood explored the emerging political and economic concerns around intergenerational inequality and what we should do about it.


12 April 2016

Road map points way to stable climate policy

The time is right for a bipartisan approach to climate including three steps to curb major emitters. Our road map shows how our leaders can revive a practical, bipartisan climate change policy that can take us where we need to go.


04 May 2016

Sustainable Cities: New Research Perspectives

In this public forum, presenters from the Grattan Institute and Curtin University’s Sustainability Policy Institute will discuss recent work on climate policy, electricity tariffs, solar storage and rail funding.


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