Mapping Australian higher education 2016


by Andrew Norton

Politicians and business people want students to study science, but half of recent science graduates looking for full-time work can’t find it, according to the fourth Grattan report mapping the state of the higher education sector.


16 August 2016

Getting primary care right

Everyone agrees we need to improve primary care. In this Policy Pitch, Stephen Duckett, Director of the Health Program at Grattan Institute presented some findings from Grattan Institute research. Anne Congleton, and Jane Gunn then joined him on a panel to discuss how to improve primary care.


23 August 2016

Australia’s new focus on gas could be playing with fire

Gas is back on Australia’s agenda in a big way. Last week’s meeting of state and federal energy ministers in particular saw an extraordinary focus on gas in the electricity sector.


13 September 2016

Australia in the age of discovery: navigating new risks and opportunities

This Policy Pitch event brings together the author of a fascinating new book, The Age of Discovery, and Australian policy thinkers to assess how Australia should confront the challenges of this age.


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