Keeping the lights on: lessons from South Australia’s power shock


by Tony Wood and David Blowers

Soaring wholesale electricity prices in South Australia in July warn of Australia’s failure to combine climate change and energy policies. To ensure that power is reliable, affordable and sustainable, it’s time to heed the lesson.


13 September 2016

Australia in the age of discovery: navigating new risks and opportunities

The world economy has never been more interconnected, and scientific discoveries and technologies are changing it quickly. This Policy Pitch event brought together the author of a fascinating new book, The Age of Discovery, and Australian policy thinkers to assess how Australia should confront the challenges of this age.


12 September 2016

Road user charging belongs on the political agenda as the best answer for congestion management

Road user charging is probably the best idea we have to reduce congestion and to enable better decisions on road investment.


06 October 2016

Demand for coal and gas in light of the Paris Agreement – what this means for Australia

In this State of Affairs event co-hosted by UQ Energy Initiative and Grattan Institute, a panel of experts will present and discuss with the audience a range of perspectives on what the Paris Agreement means for Australia’s economy, its businesses and policy makers.


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