Post Paris: Australia’s climate policy options


by Tony Wood and David Blowers

An economy-wide, market-based scheme is the best way to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions – it’s also politically difficult. Six criteria should guide the design of an alternative policy framework.


17 November 2015

Striking a new generational bargain

In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Mark Butler and Grattan CEO John Daley discussed the policy implications of an ageing population.


06 January 2016

Submission on economic security for women in retirement

Women’s increasing workforce participation has contributed significantly to Australia’s economic productivity. But significant socio-economic disparity remains between men and women. Grattan has proposed reforms to provide a boost to the retirement incomes for the most vulnerable women.


16 February 2016

Climate policy in 2016: The hard task of delivering on our international commitment

Shayleen Thompson, CEO of the Climate Change Authority and Clare Savage from the Business Council of Australia join Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood to discuss: How tough is the target and what are the merits of the various policies that might be used to meet this and future targets?


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