Sundown, sunrise: how Australia can finally get solar power right


by Tony Wood and David Blowers

An energy revolution, featuring solar panels and home batteries, is at hand in Australia. Governments must not botch it, as they did last time.


15 May 2015

Australia’s budget pressures: the view from Treasury

Three days after the 2015-16 Budget, Commonwealth Treasury Secretary John Fraser speaks to Grattan CEO John Daley about the key economic issues for Australia going forward, including the outlook for debt, growth and structural reform.


13 May 2015

Health funding: Hospital funding cuts strain Fed-state relations

Cuts to hospital sector funding announced in the 2014 budget caused the government little trouble, but are having major effects as states scramble to cover the shortfall.


11 June 2015

Sundown, sunrise: how Australia can finally get solar power right

This Forward Thinking seminar will explore how we need to get network prices and policy settings fixed to ensure that solar really can help deliver fairer, cheaper and more sustainable electricity.


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