Targeted teaching: how better use of data can improve student learning


by Pete Goss and Jordana Hunter

School systems must give teachers the time, tools and training to collect the best evidence about what students need to learn next and use it as the basis of their teaching.


21 July 2015

Natural gas: part of the problem or part of the solution?

Can clean burning gas be part of the solution but as a fossil fuel also be part of the problem? This Policy Pitch seminar discussed an issue of critical importance to Australia, shortly to become the world’s biggest exporter of gas.


20 July 2015

Property levy the most efficient tax for states

Revenue raised could help plug their funding gaps and reduce stamp duty.


19 August 2015

We need to talk about tax

This State of Affairs event will discuss the key questions in Australian tax reform, and show how they raise fundamental issues about what sort of society we want to be.


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