Grattan is funded through an endowment and by generous companies, philanthropic organisations, and individuals who support our public policy research.

Grattan began with a $15 million endowment from each of the Federal and Victorian Governments. In addition, BHP Billiton provided $4 million and the National Australia Bank $1 million.

To safeguard our independence, Grattan Institute’s board controls the endowment. The funds are invested, and Grattan uses the income to pursue its activities.

The University of Melbourne contributes support-in-kind, most importantly by housing us in a building just off Grattan Street in Carlton, opposite the University. That’s how we got our name.

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Policy analysis and influence costs money. And although we began with an endowment that contributes to our annual operating costs, it falls well short of funding the high-quality research and public policy advocacy that we deliver every year.

It is only with the generosity of people like you that Grattan can continue to produce research that leads to real change.

Financial statements

Annual Report 2023
Annual Financial Report 2023