About us

Grattan Institute produces high-quality public policy recommendations for Australia’s future. Since we were established in 2008, our independent research has helped shape the Australian policy conversation, from childcare to the COVID-19 response.

We are independent, taking the side of the public interest rather than interest groups. We receive no ongoing government funding and reject commissioned work to ensure this independence.

We are rigorous in obtaining the best evidence from our own data analysis and from published work.

We are practical in identifying what governments should do to improve the lives of all Australians.

And we believe in free access to good information; our reports, events, and articles are available online, without charge.

Grattan’s impact

Our work has had a significant impact on a wide sweep of public policies:

In depth


Our generous supporters make our research and advocacy possible.

Our Experts

Our Program Directors and research staff are experts in their policy field.


Grattan is an independent not-for-profit organisation governed by a Board of Directors.


Our work is funded by an endowment and generous people like you.