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Preventing pork-barrelling: a speed briefing

Government and public integrity

There’s been scandal after scandal in recent years – from sports rorts, to regional slush funds, to commuter carparks – but what can we…
Tuesday 23 August
12.00pm to 12.15pm

Past events

This free Grattan Webinar brings policy and industry experts together to discuss the benefits of a ‘carbon ceiling’ for light vehicles.
11 August 2022
Handing out a cushy public job to a political mate might seem harmless in isolation, but it has real, pervasive consequences for Australian democracy.
19 July 2022
Drawing on Grattan’s 2022 Orange Book, the panel will map out a policy blueprint to reignite wages growth and boost Australians’ living standards.
18 May 2022
Teachers across Australia have told us their workloads have blown out.
11 May 2022
  • 01
    A practical path to an electric future: why Australia needs an emissions ceiling for cars
  • 02
    Merit over mates: a speed briefing on fixing public appointments
  • 03
    Election special: Policy priorities for the next government
  • 04
    How schools can tackle the challenge of teacher workload