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Delivering net zero: Challenges and opportunities of the next industrial revolution

Climate change


An economy-wide transformation to net-zero emissions is a national commitment. It will require the planning, building and financing of infrastructure at a scale and…
Wednesday 14 December
6.00pm to 7.30pm

Past events

As the 2022 Victorian election draws closer, our panel of experts will identify and dissect the big issues that should dominate the campaign and…
9 November 2022
Australia has a housing affordability problem. Australians, particularly those on low incomes, are spending more on housing than they used to. Demand for social…
19 October 2022
For too long, governments have taken curriculum planning in schools for granted. Most teachers carry a large curriculum planning load, and too often are…
18 October 2022
Join Grattan Institute CEO Danielle Wood and Senior Associate Anika Stobart for a speed-briefing webinar event on their upcoming report New politics: Depoliticising taxpayer-funded advertising. …
10 October 2022
  • 01
    Election special: Policy priorities for the next Victorian government
  • 02
    How to fix Australia’s housing problem – a special Grattan Webinar event
  • 03
    How to improve curriculum planning and end the lesson lottery – a Grattan speed briefing
  • 04
    Stopping political ads on the public dime – a Grattan speed briefing