Two men shaking hands over a construction deal with a hard hat in foreground

Megabang for megabucks: driving a harder bargain on megaprojects


by Marion Terrill, Owain Emslie and Lachlan Fox

Taxpayers pay too much for major road and rail projects in Australia because governments don’t drive a hard bargain on contracts with the big construction firms.


12 May 2021

A boring budget? Don’t believe it

The Coalition has changed its tune. ‘Back in the black’ is a distant memory. Now the Government is investing big in social spending.


14 May 2021

Aged care: a post-Budget scorecard

The injection of extra funds is welcome. But our analysis shows that the Federal Government has failed to implement many of the Royal Commission’s recommendations.


10 May 2021

A message to parents: don’t fear NAPLAN

Think about it like a regular trip to the dentist: it’s better to pick up learning problems early so they can be put right before the real pain kicks in down the track.


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