Male disinfector in a protective clothes spraying disinfectants

How to fix Australia’s quarantine system


by Stephen Duckett and Brendan Coates

The Federal Government needs to show national leadership in the pandemic by living up to its constitutional responsibilities for quarantining.


24 February 2021

Why teachers need better pay and career paths

In 2019 Victoria’s Education Minister publicly supported a Grattan recommendation to increase top teacher pay by up to $80,000. But it hasn’t yet happened.


25 February 2021

Now is an especially bad time to cut unemployment benefits

The new JobSeeker rate is way below the poverty line and the second-stingiest payment in the OECD for newly unemployed people.


24 February 2021

Will COVID-19 change the way we travel around cities forever?

However we commute in the future, it’s almost certainly going to look different to pre-pandemic transport.


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