Young woman lying in hospital bed

Saving private health 2: Making private health insurance viable


by Stephen Duckett

The only way that private hospital insurance can survive as Australia’s population ages is to make insurance cheaper for younger, healthier people.


16 January 2020

Might the bushfire crisis be the turning point on climate politics Australian needs?

Crises can provide a window for big policy changes. But despite the environmental catastrophe of this summer, the early signals from the federal government are not good.


07 January 2020

Good policy making is a game of inches, not kneejerk reactions

This year's bushfires are much worse than Black Saturday, but they have taken far fewer lives. That's due to good policy making - which is becoming rarer.


09 January 2020

Energy Futures: Hydrogen, worth the hype? – Podcast

Listen to Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO discuss the hydrogen strategy at the Energy Futures forum, co-hosted by the Grattan Institute and the Melbourne Energy Institute.


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