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Announcing Grattan Institute’s Annual Summer Recommended Reading List for the Prime Minister


by Danielle Wood and Kat Clay

Six thought-provoking works have made Grattan Institute’s annual Summer Recommended Reading List for the Prime Minister.


28 December 2020

Australia’s aged care industry needs to be rebuilt from the ground up

The question looming over Australia’s aged care system is whether, in real estate parlance, it’s a renovator’s opportunity, or whether a complete rebuild is required.


04 January 2021

Hang on for a wild climate ride in 2021

Policymakers should take 2021 as an opportunity to reconcile political fears with economic substance and answer one of the most important issues of our time: how to deliver reliable, low-emissions energy at lowest cost.


18 December 2020

Grattan's 2020 Year in Review with Danielle Wood - Podcast

In this special podcast, Grattan Institute CEO, Danielle Wood, reflects on the year that was, the enormous impacts that Grattan has had on public policy, and the future of our research for 2021.


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