Older man talking with health worker at kitchen table with food

Reforming aged care: a practical plan for a rights-based system


by Stephen Duckett, Anika Stobart and Hal Swerissen

Australia needs a new aged care system. Spending an extra $7 billion a year could provide all older Australians with the support they need.


30 November 2020

The pension is here to stay (and that’s a good thing)

The main problems with Australia’s retirement incomes system are the big holes in the publicly funded social safety net rather than in the superannuation system.


29 November 2020

Better aged care through individual service agreements

Even in ‘good’ residential care homes, the physical environment, meals, social relationships, and recreational activities are highly institutionalised. Not surprisingly, almost no one wants to go there.


24 November 2020

Lifters not leaners: Victoria steps in where the federal budget did not

The 2020 Victorian Budget is the right package for this recession. It supports the sectors and workers the Morrison Government’s budget forgot.


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