Teacher helping students in class

Top teachers: sharing expertise to improve teaching


by Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann

A new career path for expert teachers could boost student learning by 18 months by age 15. Australian students’ performance is falling in international tests. Here’s how we can better use our best teachers to improve teaching.


10 February 2020

Top teachers: sharing expertise to improve teaching

Listen to Peter Goss, School Education Program Director, and Julie Sonnemann, School Education Fellow, discuss their new report, Top teachers: sharing expertise to improve teaching.


13 February 2020

Vested interests, money, and the democratic deficit

Australia needs to bridge the growing gulf between citizen and state, starting with new rules of engagement in the ‘grey zone’: where economic power is converted into political influence.


03 February 2020

Sorry, but super comes out of your wages

A key question for the government’s retirement incomes review is who ultimately pays for compulsory super contributions, especially since they are set to climb from 9.5% of wages to 12% over the next five years.


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