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Go for zero: How Australia can get to zero COVID-19 cases


by Stephen Duckett and Will Mackey

Victoria, NSW, and Queensland should aggressively drive COVID-19 cases down to zero as part of an explicit national policy of no active cases in the Australian community.


12 September 2020

The way out of the COVID-19 recession

Government policy choices in coming weeks and months will help determine how quickly Australia can recover.


17 September 2020

Time to rethink discount rates

It’s bizarre that almost all Australian jurisdictions have opted, since at least 1989, to use a discount rate of 7 per cent for most infrastructure projects, irrespective of project risk or real interest rates.


09 September 2020

There’s no spark of economic revival in this energy policy

Forget talk of a gas-led or renewables-led recovery. Revival requires credible, stable, integrated energy and climate policy.


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