Engaging students: creating classrooms that improve learning


by Pete Goss and Julie Sonnemann

Forty per cent of Australian school students are unproductive in a given year. The education system needs comprehensive reform to tackle widespread student disengagement in class.


21 February 2017

Labor’s climate policy could remove the need for renewable energy targets

Labor has this week moved towards a credible climate change policy. Meanwhile, we’re unlikely to know the Coalition government’s full policy until after it completes the 2017 Climate Change Policy Review and receives the Finkel Review’s final report.


21 February 2017

WestConnex audit offers another $17b lesson in how not to fund infrastructure

The way we throw money at major transport projects almost guarantees billions of Australian taxpayers’ dollars are wasted. The A$16.8 billion investment in Sydney’s WestConnex motorway joins the long list of big, bungled transport investment decisions by Australian governments, both federal and state.


21 March 2017

Fighting obesity: one tax and one community at a time

Australians are getting fatter. Various interventions have been tried, but the trends are in the wrong direction. In this policy pitch, we explore what can and should be done to address obesity and its effects.


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