Sources of electricity generation including solar, wind and battery power

Go for net zero: A practical plan for reliable, affordable, low-emissions electricity


by Tony Wood and James Ha

Australia can achieve a net-zero carbon emissions electricity system without threatening affordability or reliability of supply.


11 April 2021

Housing affordability is a problem, but superannuation isn’t the solution

Allowing Australians to use their super to buy homes would most benefit those with the most super and the most homes. They're the least in need.


12 April 2021

Four ways to improve Australian school students’ results

The new federal Education Minister is right to aim high, but success will require policy fortitude, leadership, teamwork — and money.


07 April 2021

The vaccine rollout: going well according to which plan?

It's time for the Government to level with Australians, so we can better understand what the plan is and whether everything really is going to plan.


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