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Rethinking permanent skilled migration after the pandemic


by Brendan Coates, Henry Sherrell and Will Mackey

The COVID crisis provides a unique opportunity to reset our skilled migration to favour young, high-skilled workers that bring the biggest economic benefits to Australia.


09 June 2021

Jobs versus climate

Australia could have enormous economic opportunities in a decarbonised world. If only we had the political leadership to grasp them.


08 June 2021

What the Medicare changes are all about — and why they should be deferred

Medicare needs to change with the times. But with more than 850 changes on the cards, the system needs time to adjust. Hasty implementation may mean patients face higher gap fees.


21 June 2021

COVID catch-up: one year later

In June 2020, Grattan Institute published a report called COVID catch-up: helping disadvantaged students close the equity gap. Here's what happened next...


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