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Advancing a fairer Australia
It will ease cost-of-living pressures, reduce labour shortages, and boost Australia’s sluggish productivity.
04.07.2022 News
Labor’s policy would cost more than twice as much. But the economic benefits would probably be more than twice as big.
04.04.2022 Explainer
The loss of a use-it-or-lose-it component for each parent could take Australia further away from gender-equal sharing of parenting.
31.03.2022 Blog


John Button Oration: The Next Generation’s Australia

The John Button Oration provides the opportunity for a prominent Australian to give a talk on policy in honour of the legacy of John Button. This year the oration was given by Grattan CEO, Danielle Wood, on the topic of The Next Generation’s Australia.

29.11.2021 Podcast

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