2 March 2021

Build back better: shaping economic opportunities for Australian women in the wake of the COVID crisis

The economic pain of the COVID recession was not shared equally. Women were more likely than men to lose their jobs, more likely to do a lot more unpaid work, and less likely to get government support.

2 March 2021

IWD Speed Briefing: everything you need to know about the impact of COVID on Australian women in 20 mins

This Monday 8 March, International Women’s Day, you are invited to a special Speed Briefing event hosted by Financy and Grattan Institute. 

29 September 2020

Examining the 2020 Federal Budget – Webinar Event

It will be an extraordinary Budget for extraordinary times. The 2020 Federal Budget, delayed for five months because of a global pandemic, will be delivered in the midst of a global recession. In this special post-Budget Grattan Webinar, our panel of experts will assess the 2020 Budget, and identify better ways to hasten the recovery

14 September 2020

Rebuilding Australia – options to reboot productivity and improve living standards

Australia is in the depths of the biggest economic shock since the Great Depression. And while governments rightly focus on kickstarting economic recovery, in the longer-term, productivity is what matters for improving our living standards.

4 August 2020

How to boost female workforce participation – Webinar Event

Increasing female workforce participation is one of the biggest long-term economic opportunities for governments. Australia’s female workforce participation rate is above the OECD average, but Australian women are much more likely to work part-time than their overseas counterparts.

28 June 2020

How Australia can recover from the COVID-19 crisis – Webinar event

COVID-19 is the biggest social and economic shock since World War II. Within two months, policies and systems for welfare, employment, childcare, health, and education have been turned on their head after decades of (at most) incremental reform.

24 March 2020

The economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19: webinar

Coronavirus is the biggest crisis of our generation. Australians are fearful. The elderly are vulnerable. People are dying. Recession is almost certain. Businesses and borders are closing. In this free webinar, a panel of policy experts from the Grattan Institute will provide measured, informed, evidence-based perspective on the economic, budgetary and health impacts of COVID-19.

7 May 2019

Age war? Talking about the generational bargain – Melbourne

The 2019 election has been branded the ‘generational election’. Beyond the hyperbole about an ‘age war’, there are serious questions about the economic future of today’s young Australians. In this Policy Pitch event the panel debated the contentious issue of intergenerational inequality, and identified what if anything we should do about it.

27 March 2019

Federal Election 2019: Big ideas for Australia’s next government – Melbourne

In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Grattan Institute’s tax, energy, health, housing, retirement incomes, and transport & cities experts considered the issues in their field and nominate the choices that would really make a difference to Australia’s future. The discussion drew on Grattan’s Commonwealth Orange Book 2019, which identifies policy priorities for the next government.

6 March 2019

2019 Federal Budget: unpacking the economics and politics for Queensland and Australia – Brisbane

Taking place a week after the federal budget (and on the cusp of a federal election), this State of Affairs event asked what does it all mean? Will the budget finally get to surplus and does it matter? What will be the longer-term economic implications for Queensland and the nation? And what impact might it have on the imminent federal election? Our panel of experts shared their analysis and insights.