13 November 2020

Energy Futures: Burning gas in a net-zero world? Webinar Event

The Commonwealth Government, the Opposition, all state and territory governments, and many businesses are committed to a target of net zero emissions. The Commonwealth has resisted committing to a 2050 timeline.

19 June 2020

Webinar Event – Zero-emissions Australia: opportunities and barriers 

Australia continues to debate whether achieving very low or net zero emissions will cost jobs or open a new era for the country as an energy superpower.

19 February 2020

Coal: here today, where tomorrow? – Brisbane

Coal earned Australia almost $70 billion in export revenue in 2018-19, yet the industry’s future is uncertain. Unless carbon capture and storage can be deployed widely, rapidly and cheaply, tackling climate change will mean that the world will demand less of our coal. What does this mean for Queensland, and Australia?

14 November 2019

Energy Futures: Hydrogen, worth the hype? – Melbourne

On 23 November, Australia’s Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel AO, will deliver the much-anticipated National Hydrogen Strategy to the COAG Energy Council.

17 September 2019

Avoiding another Hazelwood: how to manage coal closures – Melbourne

Since the Hazelwood power station closed in 2017 Victoria’s power prices have been up and reliability has been down. How will Victoria’s ageing brown coal power stations cope with an influx of new renewable generation? When will the Yallourn power station close, and what will be the effect on our power supply? This Policy Pitch event will look at the challenges facing the National Electricity Market, and Victoria in particular, as it transitions away from coal and towards renewables.

29 August 2019

Energy Futures: It’s time for a longer-term view on delivering the great energy transition – Melbourne

Australia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement means cutting carbon emissions to near zero over the next 30 years. Doing this at reasonable cost while maintaining reliability will require reforms and investment unprecedented in scale and complexity. Yet, recent history raises concerns that we need new foundations to underpin the policy reform agenda.

5 July 2019

Energy Futures: Whither Australian energy policy over the next 3 years? – Melbourne

The re-election of the Morrison Government federally has strengthened its resolve to implement its energy policies. What will happen over the next 3 years? Will commonwealth and state members of the COAG Energy Council continue fighting? Will energy prices, emissions and system security deteriorate as a result? Or will compromise and consensus start to appear?

16 June 2019

Hydrogen: coming to a stovetop near you? – Sydney

How will we reduce emissions from the gas Australians use to warm our homes, heat water and cook dinner? The COAG Energy Council is examining what role hydrogen might play in Australia’s energy system, including potentially switching the gas network to hydrogen. In this Forward Thinking event a panel of experts will discuss whether hydrogen will become a key part of Australia’s future energy supply.

27 March 2019

Federal Election 2019: Big ideas for Australia’s next government – Melbourne

In this Policy Pitch event at State Library Victoria, Grattan Institute’s tax, energy, health, housing, retirement incomes, and transport & cities experts considered the issues in their field and nominate the choices that would really make a difference to Australia’s future. The discussion drew on Grattan’s Commonwealth Orange Book 2019, which identifies policy priorities for the next government.

8 February 2019

NSW Election 2019: Big ideas for the next government – Sydney

In this Forward Thinking event, Grattan Institute’s budget, energy, and transport and cities experts considered the issues in their policy area and nominate the choices that would really make a difference to NSW’s future. The discussion drew on Grattan’s State Orange Book, which identifies policy priorities for state and territory governments across the nation.