8 February 2019

NSW Election 2019: Big ideas for the next government

In this Forward Thinking event, Grattan Institute’s budget, energy, and transport and cities experts will consider the issues in their policy area and nominate the choices that would really make a difference to NSW’s future. The discussion will draw on Grattan’s State Orange Book, which identifies policy priorities for state and territory governments across the nation.

26 October 2018

State Orange Book 2018: Policy priorities for states and territories – Melbourne

Following the release of our State Orange Book 2018, this Policy Pitch event, featuring a number of Grattan Institute Fellows and Program Directors, examined some of the policy recommendations from ten years of Grattan Institute reports and outline what state and territory governments should do to improve Australia.

3 October 2018

South-East Queensland in a time of change – Brisbane

At this State of Affairs event Marion Terrill from the Grattan Institute, Matt Collins, who’s leading the Queensland Government’s Cities Transformation Taskforce, and moderator Steve Abson, who is Chief Executive of the Infrastructure Association of Queensland explored the state of Queensland’s cities and where to from here.

24 September 2018

Melbourne in a time of change

Marion Terrill from the Grattan Institute, Peter Mares, a journalist and migration expert who’s just published a book on housing policy, and Miriam Slattery, who heads Strategy and Partnerships at the City of Melbourne and is a transport enthusiast, explored the state of Melbourne and where to from here at this Policy Pitch event.

15 February 2018

Congestion in Melbourne: is it time to consider congestion charging?

In this Policy Pitch event, a panel of transport and infrastructure experts explored: How bad congestion is across Melbourne; at what point we should consider new strategies to manage congestion, including congestion pricing; and, if a government were to introduce congestion charging, what principles should guide the scheme.

6 October 2017

Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney

In this Forward Thinking event, an expert panel considered: if we can manage Sydney congestion by working our existing approaches harder or has the city reached a tipping point, where a new approach is needed and if Sydney adopted a different approach, what could it do to keep the city moving?

27 January 2017

The right infrastructure at the right price

Australian governments spent $28 billion more on transport infrastructure over the past 15 years than they told taxpayers they would spend. Grattan Institute’s first Forward Thinking event for the year joined three experts to discuss how to get the right infrastructure at the right price.

19 October 2016

Webinar – Transport infrastructure: is government investment going to equip us for the future?

In this webinar, Transport and Cities Program Director, Marion Terrill focused on new research from the Grattan Institute on cost overruns on transport infrastructure projects, and where governments have been investing.

9 June 2016

Roads to riches: how to drive our transport dollar further 

Nick Greiner, former NSW Premier and former chairman of Infrastructure NSW, at this Forward Thinking event discussed a better approach to transport infrastructure spending with Grattan Transport Program Director Marion Terrill and John Watson from The Conversation.

1 February 2016

Other People’s Money: big finance and where it’s taking us

Retired investment banker Harrison Young joined John Kay in a discussion with Marion Terrill about the finance industry.