Alliance 21 Australia – USA policy exchange: education and innovation

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What can governments do to accelerate innovation and the diffusion of ideas through businesses? How are technology and global competition changing higher education? What can governments in federal systems do to improve school education? Why are our schools doing badly in global measures and what does it mean for our economy?

This one-day conference on Wednesday 13 March, organised by Grattan Institute and hosted by PwC Australia, aimed to answer these vital questions by bringing together leading thinkers from Australia and the US to exchange ideas and expertise on education and innovation policy. Findings will be distilled into a policy options paper to be presented to the Australian and US Governments.

The conference was part of the Alliance 21 project to explore shared policy interests between Australia and the United States, and provide an independent assessment of the future of the US-Australia alliance. Alliance 21 is run by the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney with the support of the Commonwealth Government.

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