BRISBANE Unconventional gas – energy saviour or environmental problem?

The new “gas rush” created by the rise of unconventional gas technologies is a politically-charged issue. This seminar explored questions such as how important might unconventional gas (CSG and shale gas) be to Australia’s economy and domestic energy sector, what are the implications for our energy market, and what are the environmental risks and can they be managed?

Background reading:

Getting gas right: Australia’s energy challenge – a Grattan Institute report
Engineering Energy: Unconventional Gas Production – an ACOLA report

Prof Andrew Garnett – Director, Centre for Coal Seam Gas, University of Queensland

Speakers and panel:

Mr Tony Wood – Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute

Dr Vaughan Beck – Deputy-Chair, ACOLA Working Group on Engineering Energy

Ms Deb Kerr – Manager, Natural Resource Management, National Farmers’ Federation

Prof Mike Sandiford – Director, Melbourne Energy Institute

You can view Dr Vaughan Beck’s presentation online at ACOLA, and the presentations given by Tony Wood and Deborah Kerr can be downloaded below.