Energy Storage – What Scale? What Cost? What Impact?

Is energy storage the ‘next big thing’ that will enable greater deployment of renewable energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions? If so, will energy storage be found at centralised grid locations, at substations throughout the network, or in the garages and utility rooms of homes and businesses? By what mechanisms will it be implemented? And how will the benefits of energy storage be shared among those who generate, distribute, sell, and buy energy? These questions and more were explored by our selected speakers and panel of experts from industry and academia.

The Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) paper entitled Opportunities for Pumped Hydro Energy Storage in Australia was launched at this event. MEI wish to acknowledge the support of this research by the engineering and consulting firm Arup.


Mr Giles Parkinson, Founder and Editor, RenewEconomy


Mr Tim Forcey, Energy Advisor, Melbourne Energy Institute

Mr John Wood,
Chief Executive Officer, Ecoult – developer and marketer of the CSIRO Ultrabattery®

Mr Tosh Szatow, Director and Co-Founder, Energy for the People


Mr Rob Clinch, Associate, Arup

Mr Craig Chambers, Market Sector Director, Power Generation, AECOM

Mr Terry Jones, Manager, Distributed Energy and Innovation, SP AusNet


A recording of the event and further reading is available on the MEI website.