Renewables 2012: Positioning Australia in a global context

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Clean Energy Council, Melbourne Energy Institute and Grattan Institute hosted a public seminar featuring Christine Lins, Executive Secretary of REN21. The seminar provided insight into advances being made in renewable energy business and policy in both developed and developing economies and will position the Australian industry within this global context. Following Ms Lins’ presentation, a panel discussion, featuring Kane Thornton, Deputy Chief Executive, Clean Energy Council; Malte Meinshausen, Senior Fellow, School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne; Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute; and chaired by Tristan Edis, Editor, Climate Spectator discussed issues around the adoption on renewables.

REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) is the world’s most frequently referenced report on renewable energy business and policy. The most recent report, released in June this year, found that in 2011:

• renewable energy sources supplied 16.7% of global final energy consumption
• 118 countries were implementing renewable energy targets
• investment in renewables increased to a record $257 billion, and
• photovoltaic module prices dropped by 50%.

The 2012 GSR highlights the steady growth of renewables in all end-use sectors – power, heating and cooling and transport – and across energy markets, support policies, investment and technology.

Concurrent with these global developments have been significant changes in Australia’s clean energy industry with the introduction of the carbon price, the commencement of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the review of the Renewable Energy Target.

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