Safer care saves money – Brisbane

About one in every nine patients suffers a complication in hospital. In addition to the consequences for the patient, these complications add to health care costs. A recent Grattan Institute report recommended greater public reporting and transparency – state governments should publish information about complication rates in public and private hospitals. But should we go further? Where do financial incentives and penalties fit in? Would an improved hospital accreditation system help to reduce complication rates?

At this State of Affairs event, Stephen Duckett, Health Program Director at Grattan Institute presented data on the costs of complication rates and potential new strategies to reduce adverse events based on a forthcoming report on hospital safety.


Dr Stephen Duckett is Director of the Health Program at Grattan Institute. He has a reputation for creativity, evidence-based innovation and reform in areas ranging from the introduction of activity-based funding for hospitals, to new systems of accountability for the safety of hospital care.