The Financial System Review and superannuation

The Financial System Review released its interim report on 15 July, and reforms for Australia’s $1.8t superannuation sector are very much in scope.

Funds are just completing a round of reforms to streamline the system, yet many argue that more work is needed. Some argue that the industry has a short-term bias. Others argue tax concessions are too high and too focused on high earners and the above-60s. The recent Grattan report, Super sting, showed that superannuation fees are too high. And there is broad agreement that the retirement phase has received far less attention than the accumulation phase. Is the super system investing in the right assets; is it funding the economy effectively and why are there not more products protecting retirees from longevity risk and volatility in retirement?

Listen to this expert panel discussion’s Forward Thinking event on the issues facing the Review, the emerging directions from the interim report, and the reform agenda for superannuation.

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