The future of materials in meeting our alternative energy challenges

The Melbourne Materials Institute, the Melbourne Energy Institute, and the Grattan Institute hosted a free public lecture by Dr Eric Isaacs, Director of the Argonne National Laboratory, USA. This was followed by a panel discussion featuring Australian Academy of Science President-elect Andrew Holmes, the Grattan Institute’s Tony Wood, and Greens MP Adam Bandt. The discussion was moderated by Dr Shane Huntington, host of RRR’s science program, Einstein A Go-Go.

New technologies hold the key to breakthroughs on low-cost, low-emissions energy technologies, and the field of new materials is one that is likely to deliver such technologies. Eric Isaacs, drawing on his experience leading the Argonne National Laboratory a billion dollar initiative to investigate alternate energy solution, will bring an international perspective to bear on innovation in materials and sustainable energy. Andrew Holmes put this in the context of Victoria’s research capability and using the Victorian Organic Solar Consortium as a case study look at the contribution the state is placed to make in the development of new low carbon technologies and the transition towards a sustainable energy system.


Dr Shane Huntington
, Broadcaster
 Triple R


Dr Eric Isaacs
, Director 
Argonne National Lab

Professor Andrew Holmes, 
President-elect, Australian Academy of Science 
Bio21 Institute, University of Melbourne

Tony Wood, 
Energy Program Director 
Grattan Institute

Dr Adam Bandt
, MP for Melbourne 
The Greens

The public lecture was followed the next day by a technical workshop on Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy.

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