How healthy is our retirement income system? Webinar Event

At the heart of retirement incomes policy sit some big questions. What constitutes a comfortable retirement, and are Australians saving enough to get there? Will the Government be able to continue funding the aged pension as the Baby Boomers retire and the population ages? Who pays for compulsory superannuation – employers or workers? How can we prompt older Australians to draw down their retirement savings? And what happens to the growing numbers of Australians that will rent in retirement as home ownership falls? The recently published Retirement Income Review, conducted for the Federal Government, sheds light on many of these questions.

This special Grattan Webinar, hosted by our CEO Danielle Wood, brings together two of Australia’s best-informed retirement income policy experts – Deborah Ralston, a member of the independent panel that conducted the Retirement Income Review and Brendan Coates, co-author of Grattan’s 2018 Money in Retirement report.

Deborah and Brendan will discuss the key findings of the Review and take your questions.

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Friday 11 December, 12.00-1pm AEDT

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Dr Deborah Ralston is a Professorial Fellow at Monash University. She is a member of the Steering Committee for the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index and the YBF Fintech Hub Advisory Board. She was the Principal Investigator of the CSIRO-Monash Superannuation Research Cluster, and inaugural Chair of ASIC’s Digital Finance Advisory Committee. She is also a member of the Reserve Bank of Australia Payments System Board. In 2018, Dr Ralston was appointed to the Comprehensive Income Products for Retirement Framework Advisory Committee.

Brendan Coates is Director of Grattan’s Household Finances Program. His research focuses on tax reform, economic and budget policy, retirement incomes and superannuation, housing, transport infrastructure, and cities. He previously worked as a macro-financial economist with the World Bank in Indonesia and Latin America, and in a number of roles with the Australian Treasury.


Danielle Wood is CEO of the Grattan Institute and head of our Budget Policy and Institutional Reform Programs. Danielle has published extensively on economic reform priorities, budget policy, tax reform, generational inequality, and reforming political institutions. Danielle previously worked at the ACCC, NERA Economic Consulting, and the Productivity Commission. Danielle is the National President of the Economic Society of Australia and co-founder and former Chair of the Women in Economic Network.