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The Recovery Book: what Australian governments should do now


by John Daley, Danielle Wood, Brendan Coates, Stephen Duckett, Julie Sonnemann, Marion Terrill and Tony Wood

To help Australia recover from the COVID-19 recession, the Government should inject $70 billion to $90 billion in extra economic stimulus, including revamping and extending JobKeeper.

  • Jordana Hunter headshot

    Education Program Director

    Jordana Hunter

    Jordana has an extensive background in public policy design and implementation, with expertise in school education reform as well as economics policy. She has co-authored a number of Grattan reports on school education focusing on education strategy and teacher professional learning. Her particular research interests are in approaches to designing government policies to support quality teaching and evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction.

    Prior to joining the Grattan Institute, she held various policy roles in the Australian Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. She has also consulted to Australian school systems, education service providers and individual schools.

    Jordana is currently completing a PhD in education system reform at the University of Melbourne and has presented her academic research at several international conferences. She also has an honours degree in Law and Commerce (Economics) from the University of Melbourne.

  • Education Fellow

    Julie Sonnemann

    Julie has significant experience in education policy and system design, and has co-authored several high profile reports on effective teaching, professional learning, equity and funding. She has over ten years of experience in school education policy, working within government, consulting and research organisations.

    She has studied high performing school systems in East Asia and North America, and consulted to the Australian government, the OECD Education Directorate and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Julie began her career at the Prime Minister’s Department and is an economist by training. She has a B Com (honours economics) and Master of Public Policy from The University of Melbourne.