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Policies to boost supply and affordability
After talking up stamp duty reform for the past two years, Dominic Perrottet’s grand plans ended less with a bang and more with a…
27.06.2022 Podcast
Reformist premiers seeking to improve their tax system should ignore NSW and look to the ACT.
22.06.2022 News
While talk of cutting back on smashed avocado dogs millennials struggling to get into the housing market, two of our experts recently evaluated the…
20.06.2022 Podcast


The housing game has changed – Millennials have it harder

Higher house prices and debt means mortgage rates of 7 per cent would be as painful to borrowers today as rates of 17 per cent were decades ago.

07.06.2022 News

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Brendan Coates
Economic Policy Program Director
Joey Moloney
Senior Associate