24 November 2020

Lifters not leaners: Victoria steps in where the federal budget did not

The 2020 Victorian Budget is the right package for this recession. It supports the sectors and workers the Morrison Government’s budget forgot.

20 October 2020

The Government is shrinking Australia’s accountability agencies

The Audit Office brought us the sports rorts affair. Now its funding has been cut. It seems accountability is not high on this Government’s priority list.

11 October 2020

Why cheaper childcare is good economics

In the context of a ‘blokey’ Budget focused on hard-hat industries such as transport infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing, Labor’s plan to boost women’s workforce participation is welcome.

7 October 2020

Budget 2020: betting the house on business

Let’s hope the COVID recovery budget releases the missing animal spirits of the private sector — because Australia is not well hedged.

7 October 2020

Budget 2020: high-vis, narrow vision

The Morrison Government seems to think economic stimulus is all about high-viz vests and hard hats. It’s a narrow and dated view of the world of work.

6 October 2020

Don’t worry about the debt

More debt might impose a small cost over a very long time. But the cost of insufficient stimulus and a prolonged recession would be vastly bigger.

2 October 2020

Pandemic policy making requires democratic oversight

We can’t allow our political leaders to cast aside transparency and accountability under the cover of COVID.

1 October 2020

Budget 2020: the Treasurer goes for gold

A pandemic, a recession, and monetary policy almost out of puff all make this budget a high-stakes affair. Josh Frydenberg looks like he has the appetite for a red-hot go, but executing will be no mean feat.

29 September 2020

How to rebuild Victoria

Building back better after the long COVID lockdown is possible. Here’s how.

12 September 2020

The way out of the COVID-19 recession

Government policy choices in coming weeks and months will help determine how quickly Australia can recover.