12 September 2020

The way out of the COVID-19 recession

Government policy choices in coming weeks and months will help determine how quickly Australia can recover.

7 September 2020

The PM is right: all governments need to spend more to get us out of the COVID crisis

There is a banquet of worthwhile options governments should be considering, and they shouldn’t fight over who picks up the tab — because if they don’t do more, the recession will last longer.

10 August 2020

Reform ‘daddy leave’ to narrow the gender gap in paid and unpaid work

Even a decade after the birth of the first child, the average mother does more caring and twice as much household work as the average father. It’s time for the men of Australia to step up.

10 August 2020

Toil for $16 a day? Welcome to the world of working mothers

The juggling act of work and care disproportionately falls to mothers. The COVID-19 crisis provides a rare opportunity for us to reset this social norm.

3 August 2020

Shutting childcare is a hard blow for working mothers

Governments must do more to cushion the impact on parents – and to support female workforce participation on the other side.

23 July 2020

Five things you need to know about the budget update

In the midst of the COVID recession, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has missed a golden opportunity to commit to new stimulus measures to support jobs and the recovery.

22 July 2020

Refining JobKeeper makes sense, but the fiscal cliff remains steep

Reducing government spending by close to $10 billion a month will leave a big hole in the economy. More traditional fiscal stimulus will be needed to create jobs and get the economy moving again.

29 June 2020

Australia urgently needs an economic transition plan for the next 6-to-12 months

So far, Australia’s COVID-19 responses have been among the best in class. But the next big test for our leaders is rebuilding the economy and creating jobs.

11 June 2020

How to improve JobKeeper

The Government should move to upfront payments, expand the scheme to cover temporary workers and short-term casuals, introduce a separate part-time payment rate, and act quickly to avoid the looming fiscal cliff.

22 May 2020

How do you lose $60 billion, and where does this leave Australia?

We need to understand the assumptions that produced those spectacularly flawed JobKeeper numbers, and where the reality differed, if we are to understand the scheme and its success or otherwise.