16 November 2020

If you’re cooking with gas, think again

Over time, many households in Australia will need to find cleaner and smarter ways to cook, heat water, and warm their homes in winter.

16 November 2020

Science and economics mean the way we use natural gas must fundamentally change

Prevarication by government and industry, or thinking we can avoid the challenges ahead, will only make things more expensive in the long run.

16 October 2020

What is the electricity transmission system, and why does it need fixing?

Federal Labor has pledged to create a $20 billion corporation to upgrade Australia’s energy transmission system. So what’s all this about? Our Energy Program Director explains.

23 September 2020

Good news from the climate and energy wars

At last, the Prime Minister and his Energy Minister are talking the talk on delivering lower emissions, with lower costs.

22 September 2020

The PM’s gas plan will misfire

Australia needs to use less gas, not more. If you plan to move to net zero emissions, a COVID-inspired gas splurge appears to be a terrible misstep.

19 September 2020

Lots of energy plans, but still no cohesive strategy

What’s missing from the Morrison Government’s many energy announcements is clear direction on economy-wide climate change policy.

9 September 2020

There’s no spark of economic revival in this energy policy

Forget talk of a gas-led or renewables-led recovery. Revival requires credible, stable, integrated energy and climate policy.

12 August 2020

A gas bubble cannot lift Australia to manufacturing recovery

Using gas to fire-up recovery from the COVID recession would simply demonstrate everything that’s wrong with such well-meaning stimulus programs.

24 May 2020

Technology roadmaps won’t drive us to clean energy

There are some grounds to be optimistic. The roadmap suggests the Morrison Government is committed to finding a way out of the climate wars that have been a plague on our house for well over a decade.

22 May 2020

The role of gas on Australia’s long road to a low-emissions future

Gas is a valuable resource for Australia with a wide range of applications. But its flexibility means its future role easily becomes hostage to commercial and ideological interests.