24 May 2020

Technology roadmaps won’t drive us to clean energy

There are some grounds to be optimistic. The roadmap suggests the Morrison Government is committed to finding a way out of the climate wars that have been a plague on our house for well over a decade.

22 May 2020

The role of gas on Australia’s long road to a low-emissions future

Gas is a valuable resource for Australia with a wide range of applications. But its flexibility means its future role easily becomes hostage to commercial and ideological interests.

11 May 2020

How steel could secure the Hunter Valley’s future

The coal-mining regions of Australia deserve a better strategy than just hoping that demand for coal will continue indefinitely. Here’s a better plan.

11 May 2020

Australians want industry and they’d like it green. Steel is the place to start

Green steel offers Australia a chance to get bipartisan cooperation to tackle a wicked problem. We’ve heard plenty about the climate crisis. It’s time to talk about the opportunities.

11 May 2020

Green steel is no longer a fantasy

Adding value to Australia’s energy and minerals resources and creating sustainable jobs through manufacturing and exporting is an opportunity based on credible economics.

26 February 2020

Climate war: the next generation

In all the strategies and tactics of Australia’s energy and climate-change policy wars, the most disturbing development is that carbon pricing became roadkill.

3 February 2020

Governments picking winners is a bad way to manage an energy market

Public funding for ad hoc projects will simply exacerbate all the problems that politicians say they want to fix.

24 January 2020

After the fires: what Scott Morrison might do now

The Prime Minister has an opportunity to inch Australia towards zero emissions despite the climate deniers. Here’s how he could grasp it.

7 January 2020

Getting past a lost decade on energy policy

As we enter the 2020s, there is an opportunity to plot a clear pathway to a new energy future – that of near-zero emissions, while maintaining reliability and low-cost.

25 November 2019

COAG clears the air on electricity

In the often messy and turbulent world of energy and climate policy, Australia ends 2019 in a far better place than we began.