4 May 2021

The market can generate a power supply fix without state involvement

Energy Australia’s Tallawara B gas plant in NSW shows that the private sector can deliver cost-effective, low-emissions electricity. Governments should step back from big-stick interventions.

3 May 2021

States of disarray: why Australia needs a national plan to tackle climate change

The Victorian Government deserves credit for adopting emissions reduction targets based on science and expert advice. But the broader strategy is a sad consequence of the as-yet-unfinished climate war.

27 April 2021

Australia needs better strategies to meet its net-zero emissions target

Technology development is only one leg of a three-legged stool of actions for a complete strategy. Tech deployment and efficient markets are the other two.

12 April 2021

More coal-fired power, or 100% renewables? For now, both paths are wrong

Our economic modelling shows that renewables can get Australia most of the way to net-zero emissions without disrupted supplies or skyrocketing prices.

11 April 2021

Two competing electricity myths debunked

Australia does not need to continue to rely on coal-fired power stations. But moving quickly to 100 per cent renewable electricity is not the best way to reach net-zero emissions.

1 April 2021

The floods are a deadly reminder of the rising threat of climate change

For the sake of our health as well as our environment and economy, governments must do more to prepare for climate-related natural disasters.

14 March 2021

Australia’s fateful choice on energy

We can muddle through with go-it-alone state policies and pay for an illusion of certainty. Or we can find our way back to a well-designed and well-regulated market.

22 February 2021

Making progress in the combat for climate policy

A pragmatic review of the status of our climate change policy debate and the challenges ahead could shed some light on possible ways forward for politicians from both sides, and for Australians in general.

8 February 2021

Morrison scores a climate own goal

Ruling out a carbon price denies the Coalition the most effective way of getting the technology solution that it wants.

4 January 2021

Hang on for a wild climate ride in 2021

Policymakers should take 2021 as an opportunity to reconcile political fears with economic substance and answer one of the most important policy issues of our time: how to deliver reliable, low-emissions energy at lowest cost.