22 November 2017

Young Australians will wear the costs of Turnbull’s middle income tax cut

If the Prime Minister pursues the sugar hit of tax cuts without the difficult work on paying for them, then politics will once again have trumped policy and the economic future of today’s young Australians.

2 October 2017

Three charts on: the great Australian wealth gap

Australia is becoming wealthier, but much of the increase is concentrated in the hands of older generations. The trend is unmistakable: unless something changes, the young will fall further behind and inequality will get worse.

17 September 2017

The young are losing out as the great Australian wealth gap grows wider

Malcolm Turnbull be warned: the wealth gap between young and old Australians is getting wider and it could transform our politics.

22 June 2017

Affordable, Accessible, Appropriate housing for older Australians

John Daley’s keynote speech to the Council of The Ageing conference on Housing for Senior Australians. Some senior Australians face housing affordability challenges, but they are generally under less stress than other Australians. But there are storm clouds on the horizon. Home ownership rates are falling for younger cohorts, while there is less social housing available.

6 June 2017

Housing affordability package gives voters what they want but not what they need

For all the partisan differences between the NSW Liberal and Victorian Labor state governments, both governments’ housing plans are doing what voters say they want, not what they need. Voter instincts about the key policies to improve housing affordability are misguided. And so unless governments start to lead more strongly, voters are likely to be disappointed.

29 May 2017

What comes after the housing boom?

After surging for five years, Australia’s hot property market may finally be cooling. So what happens if house prices fall?

5 May 2017

Why older Australians don’t downsize and the limits to what the government can do about it

Encouraging senior Australians to downsize their homes is one of the more popular ideas to make housing more affordable. The trouble is, incentives for downsizing would hit the budget, but make little difference to housing affordability.

1 May 2017

Options for housing affordability: the good, the bad and the cosmetic

The politics of property prices are shifting rapidly beneath the Turnbull government. After declaring that housing affordability would be the centrepiece of next month’s federal budget, the government has been backtracking.

27 April 2017

Why should we care about housing affordability?

Housing affordability” is the barbecue stopper of the moment. Both state and Commonwealth governments have declared it a priority. But before governments launch into policy changes, it’s worth understanding what is the real problem.

10 March 2017

Stamp duty cuts won’t help house price affordability

For governments whose voters are worried about housing affordability, being seen to have a plan matters at least as much as actually fixing the problem. The Victorian government’s new plan is no different.