31 March 2021

How to close the gender gap in retirement incomes

Australia has its first Minister for Women’s Economic Security. Here’s what she should do — and not do.

2 February 2021

Don’t worry: the pension will still be there when you need it

Most Australians fear the age pension won’t exist by retirement. Relax. It’s here for the long haul.

30 November 2020

The pension is here to stay (and that’s a good thing)

The main problems with Australia’s retirement incomes system are the big holes in the publicly funded social safety net rather than in the superannuation system.

22 November 2020

Australia needs new-generation thinking on retirement incomes

The superannuation industry resists reform, because billions of dollars in super fees and major political legacies are at stake. But their self-interested protestations should be ignored.

20 November 2020

5 key takeaways from the Retirement Income Review

Perhaps the most important is that the Government needs to do something dramatic to ensure Australians who rent can avoid poverty in retirement.

12 August 2020

There’s a lot more to retirement incomes than super

An unbalanced retirement incomes debate can lead to poor policy choices.
For example, an excessive focus on superannuation has distorted the ways
in which we try to reduce poverty among retirees.

29 May 2020

Unaffordable housing is the biggest threat to a comfortable retirement

Most Australians are comfortable in retirement, provided they own their homes. But we’re failing retirees who rent.

24 November 2019

Super: you can have too much of a good thing

Higher compulsory superannuation wouldn’t tackle the biggest challenge facing our retirement incomes system: retirees who rent. They are at severe risk of poverty because rent assistance is inadequate.

5 August 2019

On any view, the case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

At the heart of the debate over higher compulsory superannuation sit big trade-offs that are too rarely acknowledged. Grattan’s work on retirement incomes shows that raising compulsory super would be bad for workers, pensioners, and taxpayers.

22 July 2019

The case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

The response from Australia’s peak superannuation lobbies to our latest research has been predictable, disappointing — and wrong.