21 April 2021

How best to help struggling students catch-up after COVID

State governments have taken up our recommendation to fund thousands of new tutors to help children regain learning lost during the lockdowns. Here’s what’s needed to ensure those sessions work well.

16 April 2021

How to entice young high achievers into teaching

The keys are better career paths and higher pay. Here’s our three-point plan to double over the next 10 years the proportion of high achievers who choose teaching as their career.

12 April 2021

Four ways to improve Australian school students’ results

The new federal Education Minister is right to aim high, but success will require policy fortitude, leadership, teamwork — and money.

26 March 2021

How often can you get a half a billion dollar return on a $100,000 grant?

A partnership between The Origin Foundation and Grattan Institute resulted in a $587 million education initiative – and better outcomes for students across Australia.

24 February 2021

Why teachers need better pay and career paths

In 2019 Victoria’s Education Minister publicly supported a Grattan recommendation to increase top teacher pay by up to $80,000. But it hasn’t yet happened.

25 January 2021

What parents need to know about tutoring programs for struggling students

NSW and Victoria are funding extra tutors to help children catch-up on learning lost during the COVID lockdowns. Here’s how the schemes will work, and how we can get the most out of them.

16 December 2020

Post-lockdown tutoring is a win for students — but one more step is needed

Governments should evaluate the tutoring blitzes for disadvantaged students, to see what works best in our classrooms.

13 October 2020

Money for tutors: why other states should follow Victoria’s lead

Struggling students fell further behind during remote learning. They need extra tutoring now that school’s back.

25 August 2020

3 questions for the Education Minister about remote schooling

What’s your plan to help disadvantaged students catch up? How are you tackling students’ mental health problems? And what lessons have you learnt?

4 July 2020

The PM must act quickly on a schools COVID catch-up

Disadvantaged students fell further behind during the COVID-19 lockdown. They need tutoring help, but time is running out.