1 July 2019

Getting the best people in front of the classroom

Australia’s school education report card reads ‘must do better’. Policy makers need to address both who becomes a teacher and how they are trained.

11 June 2019

Student mental health and wellbeing matters

If you ask a policy wonk how well a primary school is doing, you’ll probably be subjected to statistics about NAPLAN. If you ask a parent, you’re more likely to hear how their child feels about school. Of course, both things matter. But the dynamic interplay between wellbeing and mental health, social and emotional skills, and academic learning is starting to get a higher profile in policy circles.

11 June 2019

Dan Tehan’s big homework list

Here’s how the federal Education Minister can make a real difference over the next three years.

19 May 2019

Education: key challenges for the re-elected Coalition Government

In early childhood education, the Coalition needs to shift focus. It favours childcare at the expense of preschool, but both need investment.

16 May 2019

Lopsided funding gives more public money to private schools

More than 80% of the extra public money to schools over the past decade went to private schools, even though they educate fewer than 20% of Australia’s most disadvantaged students.

6 May 2019

Disciplined approach will improve school results

Contrary to public perceptions of chalk-laden blackboards and change-resistant teachers, our schools are awash with innovation. What Australia needs now is more disciplined innovation – greater investment in small-scale trials and rigorous evaluations to help inform teaching practice across the nation.

17 April 2019

Three things Australia’s next education minister must prioritise to improve schools

State governments may run schools, but federal decisions still make a big difference to the education of Australian children. Whoever becomes federal education minister after the May 18 election, he or she needs to put three things first: fixing school funding, establishing a national evidence institute, and reinforcing a commitment to reform of initial teacher education.

2 April 2019

Budget 2019: little new for schools, beyond window dressing

The Federal Government doesn’t run schools, and too many of the school education initiatives in the budget smack of the Commonwealth meddling in areas beyond its remit.

31 March 2019

Make better use of our best teachers

Creating dedicated roles for expert teachers would make all teachers more effective, lifting student results for generations to come. Here’s how state governments can do it.

17 March 2019

Five tips for choosing a school – and three things to avoid

So you want to give your child the best chance of a good academic education? Here’s a helpful checklist of things you should look for, or ask about.