16 November 2020

Beware the rise of the megaproject

Here’s how to shine a light on, and bring a tighter discipline to, the enormous investments our governments are making on major transport projects.

16 November 2020

We shouldn’t give politicians blank cheques for megaprojects

Initial government estimates of the cost of major transport projects in Australia are regularly too low, often by huge amounts.

9 November 2020

$34b and counting: beware cost overruns in an era of megaprojects

When governments underestimate the cost of transport infrastructure, they end up spending money on the wrong projects, and the public is misled. Here’s what should be done to reduce the risks.

13 October 2020

Budget 2020: the big infrastructure spend is misplaced

Clearing the maintenance backlog is a productivity opportunity neglected because politicians prefer to cut ribbons on mega transport projects.

17 September 2020

Time to rethink discount rates

It’s bizarre that almost all Australian jurisdictions have opted, since at least 1989, to use a discount rate of 7 per cent for most infrastructure projects, irrespective of project risk or real interest rates.

3 July 2020

Congestion charging makes even more sense in a world with COVID

Our major cities would work better with congestion charging. But do state governments have the political courage and policy vision to make it happen?

14 June 2020

Queensland has higher priorities than faster trains

In the post-pandemic world, the best infrastructure investment is in improving the productive capacity of the transport system. It’s not a time for politicians to be tempting voters with speculative needs.

4 June 2020

The dos and don’ts of post-pandemic stimulus

If governments are going to add to the growing debt mountain, they should do so in a way that sets us up for the future we’ll actually have, not the one we imagined before COVID-19.

25 May 2020

An Australian bullet train would not be the climate saver you may think

Building a bullet train from Brisbane to Melbourne could lead to emissions being higher than they otherwise would have been for between 24 and 36 years. Here’s why.

24 May 2020

Regional rail plans hatched before the pandemic must be reconsidered

When we simply don’t know whether the population will be growing or what future travel and work patterns will be, it’s smart to keep our infrastructure options open.