Traffic congestion banked up in Melbourne along a tram line

Tackling Melbourne’s Congestion – Event recording

Plenty of people think congestion is a real problem in Melbourne, and they are right. Up until now, state governments’ main efforts to reduce congestion have been to build new roads and add new public transport services. But decades of new roads and new public transport have left us with the level of congestion we see today.

At this Grattan Institute/State Library of Victoria Policy Pitch event, a panel of experts discussed the proposal to charge drivers a fee to drive on the busiest roads at the busiest times.


  • Ashleigh Cormack – Head of Cities Policy, Australia and New Zealand at Uber.
  • Lauren Walker – Principal Consultant (Transport Advisory) and Project Manager at Veitch Lister Consulting
  • Marion Terrill – Transport and Cities Program Director, Grattan Institute
  • Paul Austin – Editor, Grattan Institute