What’s the latest research on housing affordability?

A conversation with Australian Perspectives fellow, Brendan Coates and Associate Trent Wiltshire. Unsurprisingly, housing affordability continues to remain in focus for media, politicians and researchers. In recent weeks, two papers have been released discussing regional housing supply and demand in Australia and housing accessibility for first home buyers.

Here are the papers discussed on the podcast this week:

Gianni La Cava, Hannah Leal and Andrew Zurawski, Housing Accessibility for First Home Buyers, RBA Bulletin December Quarter 2017

Ben Phillips and Cukkoo Joseph, Regional Housing Supply and Demand in Australia Regional Housing Supply and Demand in Australia, 2017

Also discussed in the podcast this week:

Ong, Dalton, Gurran, Phelps, Rowley, Wood, Housing supply responsiveness in Australia: distribution, drivers and institutional settings, May 2017

Brendan Coates, Presentation to National Housing Conference: Tax reform alone won’t solve the housing affordability crisis, 30 November 2017

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