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26 October 2020

At zero new cases, Victoria is on top of the world

No other place in the world has tamed a COVID-19 second wave this large. Few have even come close.

20 October 2020

The Government is shrinking Australia’s accountability agencies

The Audit Office brought us the sports rorts affair. Now its funding has been cut. It seems accountability is not high on this Government’s priority list.

19 October 2020

No snapback: Australia is heading for an unreasonably slow recovery

The Government hasn’t done enough, and it is withdrawing economic supports too quickly. Without more stimulus, too many Australians will remain jobless for too long.

16 October 2020

What is the electricity transmission system, and why does it need fixing?

Federal Labor has pledged to create a $20 billion corporation to upgrade Australia’s energy transmission system. So what’s all this about? Our Energy Program Director explains.

15 October 2020

The Aged Care Royal Commission has squibbed it on COVID

The Royal Commission has taken a political decision to not confront the question of failure and accountability. Its report is superficial and unhelpful. Its conclusion is misleading and obscures the truth.

13 October 2020

Money for tutors: why other states should follow Victoria’s lead

Struggling students fell further behind during remote learning. They need extra tutoring now that school’s back.

13 October 2020

Budget 2020: the big infrastructure spend is misplaced

Clearing the maintenance backlog is a productivity opportunity neglected because politicians prefer to cut ribbons on mega transport projects.

13 October 2020

Unfair and inefficient: how Australia funds residential aged care

It’s a vicious cycle that enables unscrupulous providers to prey on people at their most vulnerable – when they fear a health setback leaves them with no choice but to quickly go into residential aged care.

11 October 2020

Why cheaper childcare is good economics

In the context of a ‘blokey’ Budget focused on hard-hat industries such as transport infrastructure, construction, and manufacturing, Labor’s plan to boost women’s workforce participation is welcome.

9 October 2020

Budget 2020 didn’t do enough to fix aged care

There was no down-payment on improved residential care, meaning older Australians in facilities with inadequate staffing are condemned to that existence for another year or more.