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17 April 2019

Three things Australia’s next education minister must prioritise to improve schools

State governments may run schools, but federal decisions still make a big difference to the education of Australian children. Whoever becomes federal education minister after the May 18 election, he or she needs to put three things first: fixing school funding, establishing a national evidence institute, and reinforcing a commitment to reform of initial teacher education.

17 April 2019

What the election should be about: priorities for the next government

A federal election is an opportunity to take stock of how we are doing, where we are going, and what governments can do about it. Grattan’s new Commonwealth Orange Book 2019 sets out the reform priorities for the next government.

16 April 2019

Your income tax questions answered in three easy charts: Labor and Coalition proposals side by side

The two major parties have kicked off the election campaign with very different policies for cuts to personal income tax. The Coalition promises its tax plan will deliver “lower, simpler, fairer taxes” while Labor says its plan is all about the “fair go”. But putting aside the spin, how do the promised tax cuts compare? Will they make the tax system more progressive, or less? And what do they mean for the budget bottom line?

16 April 2019

Here’s why elections are bad times for hospital planning

The major parties have made big promises in their health campaigns. This may play well locally but has its problems.

15 April 2019

As Mediscare 2.0 takes centre stage, here’s what you need to know about hospital ‘cuts’ and cancer funding

Health is proving a bone of contention in the 2019 election campaign. Labor has positioned health as a key point of difference, and the Coalition is arguing that Labor’s promises are untrue in one case and underfunded in another. This cheat sheet will help you sort fact from fiction in two key health policy areas: public hospital funding and cancer care.

12 April 2019

Our latest retirement income projections show most Australians will still have enough

The latest Grattan Institute projections show that most Australians can expect an adequate retirement income. But pensioners that rent will continue to struggle.

12 April 2019

Fewer retirees will own their home in future, and that has big implications for policy

Australia’s retirement incomes system has been built on the assumption that most will own their own home. But new Grattan modelling suggests that’s no longer valid.

11 April 2019

Return of demand-driven funding in Australia could come with strings

A Labor victory in May’s election could still see funding conditional on universities’ employability, diversity or research records.

10 April 2019

On higher education, Election 2019 offers voters a real choice

It’s the sharpest policy divide for decades. The Coalition offers flat funding and policy tinkering. Labor promises restored demand-driven funding and a major post-secondary education review.

9 April 2019

Business-as-usual record on transport leaves next government plenty of room to improve

Whichever party wins the 2019 federal election should commit to careful assessment of transport gaps and problems, consideration of the various feasible solutions, and rigorous evaluation of the preferred approach.