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22 February 2021

Making progress in the combat for climate policy

A pragmatic review of the status of our climate change policy debate and the challenges ahead could shed some light on possible ways forward for politicians from both sides, and for Australians in general.

16 February 2021

How to fix Australia’s quarantine system

The Federal Government needs to show national leadership in the pandemic by living up to its constitutional responsibilities for quarantining.

8 February 2021

Morrison scores a climate own goal

Ruling out a carbon price denies the Coalition the most effective way of getting the technology solution that it wants.

2 February 2021

Don’t worry: the pension will still be there when you need it

Most Australians fear the age pension won’t exist by retirement. Relax. It’s here for the long haul.

2 February 2021

New data expose significant problems in residential aged care

Aged care in Australia suffers from an accountability deficit. But new data is emerging which creates a compelling case for reform.

2 February 2021

Where there’s smoke, there’s a greater risk to health

Our health systems need to be better prepared for bushfires and other climate emergencies to prevent respiratory illnesses.

1 February 2021

More than half of funding for the major parties remains secret — and this is how they want it

Political parties in Australia collectively received $168 million in donations in the last financial year. But more than half remains hidden from public view.

29 January 2021

Australia’s health system is an accountability black hole

The Productivity Commission’s latest health report provides useful information, but leaves some big questions unanswered.

27 January 2021

Australia’s COVID vaccination challenge

The Federal Government should soon tell us how, when, and where we can get the jab. Here’s how the national vaccine rollout should proceed.

25 January 2021

What parents need to know about tutoring programs for struggling students

NSW and Victoria are funding extra tutors to help children catch-up on learning lost during the COVID lockdowns. Here’s how the schemes will work, and how we can get the most out of them.