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17 June 2019

More students are going to uni than before, but those at risk of dropping out need more help

Practical measures are needed to preserve the benefits of expanded access to higher education, while reducing its costs and risks. They are worth doing whether we keep current government controls on enrolment expansion or go back to the demand-driven system.

12 June 2019

User-pays is the best congestion buster

The most pressing infrastructure concern is not funding future roads, but how to get the most out of the road network we already have.

11 June 2019

Smiles all round for kids’ travelling dentist scheme

Victoria’s ‘Smile Squad’ for public schools is a welcome step towards a Medicare-style universal dental care scheme for Australia.

11 June 2019

Student mental health and wellbeing matters

If you ask a policy wonk how well a primary school is doing, you’ll probably be subjected to statistics about NAPLAN. If you ask a parent, you’re more likely to hear how their child feels about school. Of course, both things matter. But the dynamic interplay between wellbeing and mental health, social and emotional skills, and academic learning is starting to get a higher profile in policy circles.

11 June 2019

Dan Tehan’s big homework list

Here’s how the federal Education Minister can make a real difference over the next three years.

11 June 2019

Three retirement income priorities for the returned Morrison Government

The Morrison Government confronts a big agenda when it comes to retirement incomes. They need to implement the superannuation recommendations of the Hayne Royal Commission and respond to the Productivity Commission inquiry into superannuation costs.

4 June 2019

Assessing members of the Albanese shadow ministry

Grattan’s Transport Program Director Marion Terrill and Visiting Health Fellow Hal Swerissen look at the policy challenges facing Infrastructure Shadow Minister Catherine King, NDIS Shadow Minister Bill Shorten, Health Shadow Minister Chris Bowen, and Ageing and Seniors and Women Shadow Minister Julie Collins.

29 May 2019

Assessing members of the new Morrison ministry

Grattan’s Transport Program Director Marion Terrill and Visiting Health Fellow Hal Swerissen look at the policy challenges facing Infrastructure Minister Michael McCormack, NDIS Minister Stuart Robert, and Aged Care Minister Richard Colbeck.

29 May 2019

After the surprise election result, it’s time for pragmatic thinking on higher education policy

Current policy is not serving anyone’s best interests. Universities are unhappy about declining real funding and a diminished capacity to meet student, employer and community needs. In coming years, school-leavers and their parents will be angry about reduced higher education opportunities. And the Government is left with a policy outcome it did not want and that will cause increasing political problems.

28 May 2019

Superannuation review first must set goal posts

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg should be commended for announcing plans to review Australia’s retirement incomes system. But to do better, we first need to set up the goalposts. Even though governments spend $50 billion each year on the age pension and another $30 billion on superannuation tax breaks, our retirement incomes system has never had a formal objective.