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4 June 2020

Governance lessons for Australia from COVID-19

The pandemic transformed Australia’s health system as new ways of working were implemented with unbelievable speed. The big question now is, can we lock-in reforms that benefit patients and taxpayers?

4 June 2020

A success story: Australia’s COVID-19 response

Four key factors enabled Australia to control the virus. Four key failings meant we didn’t do as well as we could have. Now the challenge is to prevent a second wave of infection.

4 June 2020

The dos and don’ts of post-pandemic stimulus

If governments are going to add to the growing debt mountain, they should do so in a way that sets us up for the future we’ll actually have, not the one we imagined before COVID-19.

1 June 2020

Money for social housing, not home buyers grants, is the key to construction stimulus

Funding social housing won’t provide windfalls for developers. But it will keep construction workers on the job and help some of Australia’s most vulnerable.

1 June 2020

An important message from John Daley – 2020 Fundraising Appeal

Grattan Institute relies on donations to keep going. If you can, please donate before 30 June to support Grattan’s work, and help us help Australia.

29 May 2020

Unaffordable housing is the biggest threat to a comfortable retirement

Most Australians are comfortable in retirement, provided they own their homes. But we’re failing retirees who rent.

27 May 2020

Our health system should be better after the pandemic than it was before

Australian governments, health professionals, and medical practice owners should learn the lessons of the COVID-19 crisis. Innovations such as tele-health have been unleashed, and these positive experiences of the pandemic should not be lost.

26 May 2020

Will the gloss wear off the National Cabinet?

If you thought the formation of the National Cabinet heralded a new and enduring era of cooperative federalism, sadly you may have to think again.

25 May 2020

An Australian bullet train would not be the climate saver you may think

Building a bullet train from Brisbane to Melbourne could lead to emissions being higher than they otherwise would have been for between 24 and 36 years. Here’s why.

24 May 2020

Regional rail plans hatched before the pandemic must be reconsidered

When we simply don’t know whether the population will be growing or what future travel and work patterns will be, it’s smart to keep our infrastructure options open.