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17 October 2017

Energy Security Board offers the government a circuit-breaker for energy crisis

The Turnbull government’s long-awaited National Energy Guarantee should be supported, not only within the Coalition but by Labor, the states, the energy industry and by electricity consumers.

17 October 2017

How the National Energy Guarantee could work better than a clean energy target

The Turnbull government has announced its new energy policy, called the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). No, it’s not Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s Clean Energy Target. But it is a policy that will drive down emissions in the electricity sector after 2020 and can be adapted by the Labor Party to hit the emissions-reduction target of any future Labor government.

13 October 2017

Changes to lure young people into private health insurance won’t slow increase in premiums

Australians will be able to choose lower premiums for higher excess, and insurers required to more clearly categorise their policies, under the federal government’s shake up of private health insurance announced today.

11 October 2017

What federal and state energy ministers should do next – response to the AEMC’s Strategic Priorities Discussion Paper

Australia’s energy sector needs clear goals. We recommend five immediate strategic priorities for federal and state energy ministers: returning stability to governance of the sector; agreeing on a credible emissions reduction policy; fast-tracking security and reliability measures; ensuring access to domestic gas supplies; and rewarding consumers who help to reduce system costs (by, for example, cutting their electricity use during periods of peak demand).

10 October 2017

The implications of ageing for economics and politics

Conventional wisdom tells us that the global population is ageing, governments won’t be able to afford future pension and health care costs, people won’t have enough for their retirement, and governments should encourage people to save more. But in this presentation, Grattan CEO John Daley shows that, at least for Australia, the conventional wisdom is wrong.

10 October 2017

Despite the charged atmosphere, Frydenberg and Finkel have the same goal for electricity

We should not expect the Finkel-designed Clean Energy Target to become a reality. But we can hope for a policy response that fundamentally delivers the same result – affordable, reliable electricity in line with our emissions reduction target.

5 October 2017

Turnbull, Frydenberg can still weave a coherent energy policy

Australian governments need to set clear, stable energy and climate-change policy. Recent examples of policy by negotiation and blame apportionment are unlikely to deliver these results.

3 October 2017

Stuck in traffic: we need a smarter approach to congestion than building more roads

The congestion equation for Sydney and Melbourne is only going to get more ugly as both cities continue to grow. We need more sophisticated policymaking to ease drivers’ road rage and frustrations. Instead of focusing on freeways, governments should change the way we pay for urban roads and public transport.

3 October 2017

Melbourne’s traffic is enough to make you snarl

Sorry Melbourne, but when it comes to tackling road congestion, Sydney does it better. Sydney might be bigger, faster and busier, but new analysis by the Grattan Institute reveals that traffic delays in Melbourne are at least as bad and often worse. In fact, we Melburnians could learn a thing or two from Sydney.

2 October 2017

Three charts on: the great Australian wealth gap

Australia is becoming wealthier, but much of the increase is concentrated in the hands of older generations. The trend is unmistakable: unless something changes, the young will fall further behind and inequality will get worse.

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