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14 August 2019

The rewards of vocational education need to be better known

Prime Minister Scott Morrison may have declared that ‘TAFE is as good as university’, but Australia is a long way from having policies that support students equitably across the tertiary education system.

12 August 2019

Uni versus TAFE: the gender divide

Students with lower ATARs generally have lower lifetime earnings. But men with lower ATARs could earn more doing a vocational education course than a bachelor degree in their chosen field.

8 August 2019

Despite the scare campaigns, an inheritance tax makes a lot of economic sense

A tax reform package that includes an inheritance tax with a corresponding drop in income taxes makes sense. But will any political party run the risk of the inevitable scare campaign?

7 August 2019

Why gas prices are likely to stay high

Supply and prices will not improve without additional supply sources. And prices are most unlikely to fall to their historical levels of around a third of current prices.

6 August 2019

One way to cut private health insurance costs

Health insurance costs are rising and the cost of prostheses such as hip replacements are partly to blame. But there is a way to rein in costs – and give patients more choice and better devices.

5 August 2019

On any view, the case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

At the heart of the debate over higher compulsory superannuation sit big trade-offs that are too rarely acknowledged. Grattan’s work on retirement incomes shows that raising compulsory super would be bad for workers, pensioners, and taxpayers.

30 July 2019

Tough decisions needed to cut congestion

If we want to reduce congestion on our city roads, we need to make some hard choices, such as charging people who drive on the most congested roads at the most congested times.

29 July 2019

Most new migrants to Australia are low-skill, and they may be slowing wage growth for unskilled labour

Most new migrants to Australia are now low-skill – a substantial change from 10 years ago. Because of their visa conditions, and weak enforcement of minimum wages, some employers pay them much less than the minimum wage – and then do the same for low-skill permanent residents. If Australia is committed to a minimum wages regime, then employers who substantially and deliberately underpay minimum wages should face more serious consequences.

22 July 2019

The case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

The response from Australia’s peak superannuation lobbies to our latest research has been predictable, disappointing — and wrong.

16 July 2019

Why private health insurance needs a rethink

Policy makers cannot develop good policies on private health insurance unless they are clear about what the industry is about and how it works alongside Medicare. Grattan’s new working paper is designed to start that conversation.