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19 February 2019

This time it’s Labor and the Greens standing in the way of cheaper super

The Federal Government’s Protecting Your Super Package Bill was designed to cut the unnecessary costs in superannuatin, significantly boosting balances when workers retire. Yet it’s been gutted in parliament by Labor and the Greens.

13 February 2019

Across the great divide: health in rural Victoria

It’s an indictment of all Australians that the health status of aboriginal people is so poor, Stephen Duckett argues in the Inaugural Violet Marshman Oration. We need to give Indigenous communities more authority to manage their own health services.

12 February 2019

Only clear policy can give us power supply certainty

The best thing the federal government can do for people worried about electricity reliability is to end the policy uncertainty. It should revive and implement the discarded National Energy Guarantee.

12 February 2019

Now’s the time to legislate repairs to our deeply flawed super system

Just weeks after the Productivity Commission and the Hayne royal commission shone a spotlight on the outrageous rorts in super­annuation, we get to see whether federal parliament has the resolve to start fixing them.

11 February 2019

Curbing finance might make housing cheaper, but would it make us better off?

Many younger Australians are justifiably anxious about housing affordability. In his book Why You Can’t Afford a Home, economist Josh Ryan-Collins pins the blame on the banks. But he doesn’t tell the full story.

10 February 2019

Blackouts and the politics of power

Increasing extremely hot weather and increasing deployment of solar and wind power create challenges for managing the power system. But Australia has the technologies, tools and systems to cost-effectively meet these challenges without a panic response. We should use them.

9 February 2019

Negative gearing changes will affect us all, mostly for the better

For Australians who aspire to a better budget bottom line, a more stable housing market and better opportunities for first home buyers, federal Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing and the capital gains tax have plenty to find favour.

6 February 2019

Year ahead could make or break the COAG Energy Council

2019 may be the year in which policy and political maturity propels Australia’s energy system to a better future. The alternative is more depressing outcomes for affordable, low-emissions and reliable energy.

5 February 2019

We need generational change on retirement incomes

It’s been a quarter of a century since the Keating government introduced a retirement-income package in 1992 and Vince Fitzgerald reported on national savings in 1993. For a generation, Australian retirement incomes policy has been dominated by their assumptions. Public policy should be based on the best evidence we have. As time goes by, the evidence gets better, and we can test long-held assumptions. If they turn out to be wrong, then we should change the policy accordingly.

4 February 2019

Why the federal government’s new integrity commission isn’t up to the job

The Federal Government’s initial proposal for a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is light on powers and resources, and unlikely to weed out corruption and serious misconduct. Here’s how the Government should fix it before putting the proposal to parliament.