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9 April 2019

Potentially unaffordable, and it still won’t fix bracket creep. The Coalition’s $300 billion tax plan assessed

High-income earners, those in the top fifth of the income distribution, would pay a smaller share of tax under the Coalition’s plan: 65 per cent in 2029-30 compared to 68 per cent today.

9 April 2019

The federal Coalition’s report card on health: some passes, too many fails

The Turnbull/Morrison Government has a mixed record, at best. Its pharmaceutical reforms are a success story, but public hospitals funding has been a failure.

5 April 2019

The challenge facing Labor on climate change

Whoever wins the 2019 election must not squander the opportunity to finally forge a coherent climate-change policy. Australians want credible action on emissions but reassurance that electricity will remain reliable and affordable.

5 April 2019

Why the world must eliminate coal-fired power within 30 years

The domestic trend is clear: coal looks destined to be replaced by solar and wind generation over the next 30 years. The timing is less certain for the export market.

5 April 2019

This government is already on course back to deficit

The ultimate fiscal legacy of the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government could well be a budget heading back to structural deficit towards the end of the forward estimates. If only they could have been happy with just average.

4 April 2019

How to improve cataract treatment

It can transform lives, but three problems bedevil provision of cataract surgery in Australia: complications still arise, waiting times are too long, and the rate of provision varies significantly across the country.

3 April 2019

Budget 2019: the super change that helps the wealthy at the expense of the young

Another federal budget, and yet more tinkering to superannuation tax breaks. But the latest changes will only help older wealthier Australians. The losers are younger workers and taxpayers.

3 April 2019

Budget 2019: the pattern of transport spending is unusual

Don’t get too excited about the infrastructure spend: the rhetoric may be big, but the scale of the numbers is nothing unusual. What is different is the pattern of spending over the forward estimates.

2 April 2019

Budget 2019: Support for aged and disability care

The budget has short-term measures to address major issues in aged and disability care, but Australians will have to wait for the royal commissions to fix the long-term problems.

2 April 2019

Budget 2019: A hesitant step forward for Medicare

Medicare funding is slowly creeping into the 21st century. The 19th-century model of individual fees for individual services is being supplemented with a new fee to better manage the care of people with diabetes.