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22 July 2019

The case for higher compulsory super hasn’t been made

The response from Australia’s peak superannuation lobbies to our latest research has been predictable, disappointing — and wrong.

16 July 2019

Why private health insurance needs a rethink

Policy makers cannot develop good policies on private health insurance unless they are clear about what the industry is about and how it works alongside Medicare. Grattan’s new working paper is designed to start that conversation.

12 July 2019

Lessons from Australia’s intergenerational election

Older Australians are not selfish. They care about the welfare of their own children and grandchildren, as well as the world they are leaving for future generations. There is little evidence that wealthy retirees voted largely in self-interest at the federal election.

12 July 2019

A power struggle that has to end

The policy stand-off between federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor and his state counterparts cannot continue. The sector is too important for its future to be decided by a high-stakes game of chicken.

11 July 2019

Can private health insurance escape the jaws of death?

Australia’s policy on private health insurance is a muddle. Our political leaders need to confront a fundamental question: how does private health insurance fit with public health insurance (Medicare)?

10 July 2019

Super shock: more compulsory super would make Middle Australia poorer, not richer

The typical worker would lose about $30,000 over their lifetime if compulsory superannuation contributions are lifted from 9.5 per cent of wages to 12 per cent, as has been legislated.

5 July 2019

Why primary care reform is so hard

Primary care was barely discussed in the 2019 federal election campaign. Reform is needed, but it’s difficult. Here’s why.

3 July 2019

The Treasurer should be planning economic stimulus now

Ominous clouds loom over our economy. Here’s some policies Josh Frydenberg should be turning his mind to — and some he should not.

2 July 2019

Stage 3 of the tax cuts would return Australia to the 1950s

Australia would go from having a relatively progressive income tax system by international standards to having one below average among OECD countries.

1 July 2019

Getting the best people in front of the classroom

Australia’s school education report card reads ‘must do better’. Policy makers need to address both who becomes a teacher and how they are trained.