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22 November 2018

Labor energy policy will be Groundhog Day all over again

The right answer to Australia’s high electricity prices and rising greenhouse gas emissions is a credible climate change policy with enough bipartisan support to be around long enough to win broad acceptance. Federal Labor’s new energy policy is not the right answer.

22 November 2018

The implications of removing refundable franking credits

Federal Labor’s plan to remove refunds for excess franking credits is a fair way to help improve the budget and wind back the growing intergenerational transfers in Australia’s tax system. But there is a better way.

21 November 2018

Eight charts that explain Victoria’s transport election

The most magical time of the year is upon Victorians: election season. The (taxpayer-funded) gifts promised by the major parties far exceed anything Santa could bring. And the multi-billion-dollar toys on everybody’s wish list? Trains, tracks and roads.

20 November 2018

Raising superannuation won’t help your retirement — unless you’re already wealthy

A couple of weeks ago, we published a report that showed that most retirees today are financially comfortable, and have enough money to fund a lifestyle in retirement better than they had when working. And we showed that this was likely to be true for future retirees as well. So what did we do wrong?

16 November 2018

Vocational education can solve oversupply of graduates

In many wealthy countries, including Australia, 40% of young adults are likely to achieve a bachelor degree or above. But policy-makers and others wonder whether we might have too much of a good thing.

13 November 2018

Let’s ensure we don’t let super funds ‘kludge’ it this time

When it becomes overwhelmingly clear that policy changes are in the public interest, the next move of vested interests is to chip away at seemingly innocent details, all in the name of more perfect public policy. But invariably these “kludges” are really about undermining the principles and protecting the rent.

11 November 2018

The tooth hurts but Victoria’s public dental system is broken

Our dental care system is not working for a lot of Victorians. More than half a million Victorians say that the cost of dental care stopped them from getting care when they needed it in the past 12 months.

9 November 2018

The (reassuring) truth about retirement incomes

Despite what the industry is saying, we don’t need to lift the Superannuation Guarantee to 12 per cent. In a Grattan Institute report released this week, Money in Retirement: More than Enough, we showed that the conventional wisdom that Australians don’t save enough for retirement is mistaken.

7 November 2018

Why we should worry less about retirement – and leave super at 9.5%

It’s conventional wisdom that Australians don’t save enough for retirement. Most workers themselves think they won’t have enough to retire on, and their concerns are rising. But the conventional wisdom is wrong.

7 November 2018

What can we learn from Australia’s My Health Record experience?

Australia’s My Health Record initiative is big on vision, but has stalled in the implementation phase. Facing public distrust over data privacy, what can the program tell us about the opportunities and challenges of implementing an electronic health record in a complex healthcare market?