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19 November 2019

The politics of electricity reliability

As Australians prepare for a hot and dangerous summer, politicians and energy market agencies are searching for the lowest-cost way to try to ensure the lights stay on.

14 November 2019

Why private health cover is bleeding to death

It’s wrapped in red tape, and young people don’t regard it as value for money. Without urgent reform the industry’s death spiral will continue.

11 November 2019

Revealed: the hidden problem with reading in Australian schools

Ten years’ worth of NAPLAN data show improvements in Years 3, 5, and 9. But our research shows reading progress has slowed dramatically between Years 5 and 7. What’s going on?

10 November 2019

A simple reform to improve our democracy

Putting a cap on the amount of money that parties can spend during election campaigns would reduce the ‘arms race’ for donations and help restore trust in politics.

7 November 2019

Private health insurers should start paying for hospital-type care at home

The public health system has already expanded its alternatives to hospital inpatient care. It’s time for the private system to do the same.

7 November 2019

How money is influencing Australian politics

The latest political donations disclosures tell us a lot about the capacity of independents to be a force for change. But it’s far from the full story.

30 October 2019

Five charts on what a Newstart recipient really looks like

To make sense of the Newstart debate, it helps to know something about who receives unemployment payments. The answers may surprise you.

29 October 2019

How to improve car insurance: lessons from private health insurance

Car insurance obviously needs reform and can learn from how private health insurance operates. The car insurance market doesn’t give consumers enough choice, or the thrill of the unexpected. So here’s a four-part proposal to improve car insurance.

25 October 2019

Congestion charging is a smart way to make our cities work better

Many of us pay quite a bit of money to be on the road. But we also pay with something else valuable – our time. Congestion charging will help us get some of that time back.

23 October 2019

New honour for Grattan Program Director

Grattan’s Energy Program Director Tony Wood has been elected to the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. Tony is among 25 leaders in applying science, technology, and engineering to solve real-world problems elected to one of Australia’s Learned Academies.