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7 March 2018

How to fund better palliative care

Governments should strive to make palliative care a universally accessible service. But for this to happen, new approaches to funding will need to be adopted, based on the experience of funding reforms in other parts of the health system.

5 March 2018

How to get better value for money from government contracts

More needs to be done to ensure Australians get value for money from government contracts with external providers of goods and services. In this submission, Grattan’s Danielle Wood and Lucy Percival raise several red flags regarding public sector compliance with procurement guidelines, and recommend changes to ensure a more rigorous and consistent approach.

5 March 2018

How migration affects housing affordability

So much of Australia’s history and success is built on immigration. Migrants have benefited incumbent Australians by raising incomes, increasing innovation, contributing to government budgets, smoothing over population ageing and diversifying our social fabric. But it is also true that immigration is affecting house prices and rents.

5 March 2018

Beware what you wish for Sydney

Two decades ago, then NSW premier Bob Carr famously declared that Sydney was “full”. But more people came anyway. House prices rose. Now, opposition to development is rising again. Unless today’s generation of politicians stares down the NIMBYs, Sydney will repeat the mistakes of the past, and housing affordability will get worse.

4 March 2018

From world’s most liveable city to Australia’s most expensive city?

When it comes to making housing affordable, Melbourne has always done it better than Sydney. Sydney’s geography may be spectacular, but it’s bad for building housing. Ocean to the east, mountains to the west, and the Ku-ring-gai national park to the north limit Sydney’s urban sprawl. Whereas Melbourne can build more – and cheaper – housing on abundant greenfield land closer to the city.

1 March 2018

Don’t lose an opportunity for integrating energy and climate change policy

The Energy Security Board’s approach to the National Energy Guarantee could deliver the integrated energy and climate policy that Australia needs. The ESB will need to determine whether the reliability requirement is addressing investment, deployment, or both.

26 February 2018

Smart money: a better way for Australia to select big transport infrastructure projects

Australia needs to change the way it assesses potential infrastructure projects, to ensure that governments can better understand which road and rail projects are worth building.

23 February 2018

The conventional wisdom is wrong: building more housing does help low-income earners

The conventional wisdom among many affordable housing advocates is that boosting the supply of market-rent housing won’t help low-income earners. But without more supply for everyone, housing won’t become much more affordable, especially for low-income earners.

22 February 2018

Why the Inland Rail project will never add up

Just because the government is funding Inland Rail through an equity investment doesn’t mean that it makes commercial sense and doesn’t mean that taxpayers shouldn’t still wonder if it isn’t more a wish and a hope than a sound investment of our money.

19 February 2018

The pathways forward for the energy sector

Most of us begin each new year hoping it will be better than the last. Australia’s energy sector is no different. And the good news is that this time, the optimism may be justified.

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