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18 March 2020

Talking straight on COVID-19: the economic effects will be ugly

The Government needs to produce a second stimulus package, and quickly. Here’s what it should look like.

16 March 2020

COVID-19: The five coming challenges for our hospitals

If the more gloomy predictions about COVID-19 become reality, then our hospitals – and the people they serve – could be in for a tough time.

13 March 2020

Coronavirus crisis exposes fundamental flaws in our healthcare system

Australia’s 1950s-style, GP-centric primary care model is not fit to respond to the increased prevalence of chronic disease — and now we know it’s not fit to respond to an infectious disease pandemic either.

13 March 2020

How to provide better services for people with mental health problems

Australians needing mental health care deserve better than the mess of services they are currently offered. Regional mental health agreements would provide a practical framework for the Commonwealth and the states to integrate planning, funding, service delivery, and accountability.

12 March 2020

The Prime Minister’s stimulus message: go hard, go early, go business

The Federal Government has generally made the right calls in its $18 billion package. But it must stand ready to do more, in the likely event that coronavirus containment measures such as the widespread closure of schools and workplaces are enacted.

11 March 2020

Recession is nearly inevitable. The question now is how deep and how long

We must ensure that no worker exposed to coronavirus avoids going into isolation because they fear they can’t afford it. In these circumstances, cash handouts are both an economic and a public health measure.

8 March 2020

Higher super means a needless cut in working pay

Should you be worried about your retirement? The superannuation lobby wants you to be. But the evidence tells another, more comforting story.

3 March 2020

A new expert teacher career path could transform STEM

A new career path for maths and science teachers could transform student learning. Here’s how these new roles could be implemented in Australia.

2 March 2020

Our retirement system is failing poorer Australians

There’s currently a review underway into Australia’s retirement income system, commissioned by the federal government. But what are the problems that need fixing?

2 March 2020

Forget more compulsory super: here are five ways to actually boost retirement incomes

The government’s retirement incomes review should concentrate on boosting Rent Assistance and Newstart, and fixing the pension assets test. These reforms would achieve more than boosting super.