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Optimising learning from pre-school to university
Governments should learn from what worked well and what did not in 2021, and ensure a new and improved ‘COVID catch-up tutoring 2.0’ program…
29.10.2021 News
More money for more tutoring is welcome. Now comes the hard part: making sure the program helps the students who need it most.
05.10.2021 News
The early NAPLAN results for 2021 suggest the average impact of COVID school closures on literacy and numeracy in 2020 has been relatively small.
25.08.2021 News


We owe it to our kids to get the schools open

Intermittent school closures to manage Covid outbreaks are ­likely for the rest of the year, and possibly well into 2022, depending on when children can be safely vaccinated.

24.08.2021 News

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