18 February 2015

The Murray Inquiry and Superannuation

A forthcoming Grattan report argues that the superannuation industry needs to become more efficient. Join an expert panel for a discussion on superannuation and the Financial System Inquiry.

24 July 2014

The Financial System Review and superannuation

Listen to this expert panel discussion’s “Forward Thinking” event on the issues facing the Financial Systems Review and the emerging directions from the interim report, and the reform agenda for superannuation.

20 May 2014

Super rip-off? Policy options for a better superannuation deal

This Policy Pitch event highlighted findings from the report, discussed the role that superannuation now plays in the Australian economy, and discussed the reform agenda for the sector.

6 June 2013

Superannuation’s contribution to Australia’s economic future

John Daley, CEO of Grattan Institute, presented on super’s contribution to Australia’s economic and social future at the ASFA Investment Interchange on 4 June 2013.