Sydney Event – Renovating housing policy

The Grattan Cities Program’s new report, Renovating housing policy, looks at home ownership in Australia, and government policies that promote the ‘great Australian dream’. We assess whether policies that support home ownership and property investment achieve their objectives and represent value for money. We also consider the implications for how productively our cities function, how opportunity is distributed, and the impact on the 1 in 4 Australian households who rent their housing.

At this free public seminar Dr Rebecca Huntley, Executive Director IPSOS Australia, discussed Grattan Institute’s new Cities report with author, Jane-Frances Kelly, Director of the Cities Program.

Dr Rebecca Huntley is a researcher and author and the Executive Director of The Mind & Mood Report, now in its 35th year. She is one of Australia’s foremost commentators on social and consumer trends. She is the author of numerous books, a feature writer for Australian Vogue and a columnist for BRW. She appears regularly on television, including Q&A, The 7:30 Report and Paul Murray Live, discussing social trends. She is on the board of the Dusseldorp Skills Forum.

Jane-Frances Kelly is the Cities Program Director at Grattan Institute. She spent three years in the British Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. She has led strategy work for the UK, Queensland, Victorian and Commonwealth governments. She has also worked for the University of Melbourne’s Vice-Chancellor, the Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police and Noel Pearson at the Cape York Institute.