Kat Clay - Grattan Institute

Staff Profile

Kat Clay is the Head of Digital Communications at Grattan Institute. She has more than a decade of experience in digital content and creative services across the non-profit and government sectors. In previous roles she produced successful digital marketing campaigns for Cancer Council Victoria and SecondBite.

Kat hosts the weekly Grattan Podcast, moderates webinars, and is the voice behind the social media accounts. She is particularly interested in the influence of technology and social media on public policy.

Kat holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Production, a Bachelor of International Studies in French, and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing. When she’s not at Grattan, she masquerades as an award-winning author.


Why the Reserve Bank of Australia should be reviewed

With the Reserve Bank is now facing rare criticisms by leading economists for not having met its core targets for nearly a decade, it’s increasingly likely the RBA will face its first independent review in 40 years.

20.09.2021 Podcast