Grattan launches new Transport Program, with Marion Terrill as Program Director

by John Daley

Media Release

26 February 2015

Grattan launches new Transport Program, with Marion Terrill as Program Director

Grattan Institute is delighted to announce the appointment of Marion Terrill, a former leading public servant and Business Council of Australia advisor, to head up its new Transport Program.

Ms Terrill has extensive experience in the Commonwealth public service. She helped to write the 2010 Henry Tax Review, and also worked as Director of Policy at the Business Council.

Grattan CEO John Daley said that Ms Terrill’s experience across a wide range of policy areas and the public and private sectors made her an ideal person to help shape Australian transport policy.

“Australia desperately needs a transport system that better serves the needs of the economy and of people,” Mr Daley said.

“Our cities are expanding, and population growth is greatest on the urban fringe while job growth is strongest in city centres. We need better ways to link people to jobs.”

“The demands on our freight network are also expanding and we need a more coordinated approach that better links decisions about pricing, use and investment.”

“Marion is the perfect person to think through these problems in a rigorous, practical way, and she will make a great contribution to Grattan and to public policy in this area.”

Ms Terrill said she was very pleased to accept the position at the Grattan Institute.

“I’ve worked in the Treasury and the Departments of Finance and Family Services, among other places, and I’m fascinated by how economic and social policy can work together to improve the lives of Australians.”

“A good transport system is vital not only to the economy but to balancing the work and home lives of millions of people. I know that Grattan’s work makes a big difference to national policy thinking and I’m keen to contribute.”

Ms Terrill will take up her position in April.

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