9 July 2020

Young Australians need special care through the COVID crisis

Even before coronavirus, Australia was at risk of leaving a generation behind. That risk is now heightened but, with the right policy reforms, the young need not foot the entire COVID bill.

9 July 2020

How governments should respond to Victoria’s second wave

The Victorian outbreak is an important reminder that health versus the economy is a false dichotomy. Decisions now on wage and rent supports will decide whether battered businesses can live through future flare-ups.

9 July 2020

Why Australia should switch course and try to eliminate COVID-19

Lockdowns are the main tools in the suppressionist’s toolbox. An elimination strategy would save more lives and ultimately be better for the economy.

29 June 2020

Now is the time for dealing with the COVID recession, not reform wish-lists

Governments should stick to their knitting over the next 6-to-12 months, or Australia’s economy and society could unravel.

29 June 2020

Australia urgently needs an economic transition plan for the next 6-to-12 months

So far, Australia’s COVID-19 responses have been among the best in class. But the next big test for our leaders is rebuilding the economy and creating jobs.

22 June 2020

We’re not done with COVID-19 yet

Australians have given themselves a magnificent advantage. A return to near-normal is in sight. But we must continue to be vigilant against the possibility of a second wave.

22 June 2020

7 lessons for Australia’s health system from the COVID-19 upheaval

Health care must not ‘snap back’ to the old order. From the benefits of telehealth to the importance of integrating public and private systems, the pandemic has shown us a better way.

18 June 2020

How COVID-19 has changed the way we shop

Don’t expect a post-pandemic ‘snap-back’ at shopping centres, food courts, cinemas, and other places where people used to gather to spend money.

15 June 2020

Disadvantaged students may have lost a month’s learning during the COVID crisis

The Federal Government is spending big to stimulate the economy. Some stimulus spending should go to making our education system fairer. Here’s how.

12 June 2020

Australia’s COVID-19 response: the four successes and four failures

As Australia eases its restrictions, lessons from four successes and four failures should inform how we transition to a new normal.