7 April 2021

The vaccine rollout: going well according to which plan?

It’s time for the Government to level with Australians, so we can better understand what the plan is and whether everything really is going to plan.

1 April 2021

Four ways Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout has been bungled

So far, not so good. Here’s what the Federal Government should do now to rescue the rollout.

16 February 2021

How to fix Australia’s quarantine system

The Federal Government needs to show national leadership in the pandemic by living up to its constitutional responsibilities for quarantining.

26 September 2020

Why schools should be reopened as soon as safe

The risk is small and the benefits are big, to students, parents, and the economy.

17 September 2020

After the lockdown, we should rethink the elective surgery system

A return to business as usual would be a missed opportunity. The system needs to be more efficient. For some people, non-surgery alternatives should be considered.

9 September 2020

What NSW could learn from Victoria about fighting COVID-19

NSW has been lucky. It shouldn’t be smug because it is only one ‘super spreader’ event away from a big outbreak that may necessitate harsh, Victorian-style restrictions.

8 September 2020

The PM is wrong: aged care should not be ‘pre-palliative care’

If we are serious about older Australians’ rights, we need to stop describing residential care as a place we ‘put’ people while we wait for them to die.

8 September 2020

Victoria’s COVID roadmap and the 5 stages of grief

Premier Dan Andrews’ plan is mostly right but partly wrong. It’s way too complex, but it has the right goal: zero active cases in the community.

7 September 2020

Victoria is going for zero. NSW should emulate it.

Victoria now has a good COVID-19 roadmap. It identifies the right goal, provides explicit criteria for when restrictions might be lifted, and involves mostly appropriate measures.

4 September 2020

Opening up too early would mean more deaths and a yo-yo economy

On COVID-19, there is no conflict between policy choices made to protect public health and those which give priority to the economy. In both cases the right thing to do is to go for zero cases before restrictions are completely eased.