Grattan launches a Disability Program - Grattan Institute

Grattan Institute is getting bigger.

We are delighted to announce that we are launching a Disability Program.

Disability touches the lives of a huge number of Australians: 4.4 million of us live with some disability and 1.4 million with profound disability. It’s also an area where policy ambition has grown in the past decade, notably with the launch of the National Disability Strategy and the rollout of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

In making the announcement, Grattan CEO Danielle Wood said:

‘Given its importance and the growing policy ambition, I think it is a great time for Grattan to bringing its rigorous and practical approach to support better policy.

‘I am so grateful to the Summer Foundation, an organisation with a deep experience in disability research and policy, for supporting Grattan to launch this new program.’

We are seeking an experienced policy researcher to lead the program. The Disability Program Director will provide the intellectual leadership and be the public face of the program. If you know someone with a strong research background, experience, and a passion for disability policy, please send them the details here. People with lived experience of disability are strongly encouraged to apply.

We will also soon be advertising for a researcher in the program.

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Danielle Wood – CEO