How to fix the hotel quarantine system - Grattan Institute

Australia’s border closure was one of the Morrison Government’s best decisions in responding to the pandemic. It was a big decision, but the right one. Tight border controls have given Australia the best of both worlds: little community transmission and a domestic economy largely unencumbered by COVID.

Now, Victoria has just emerged from a five day lockdown caused by a breach in hotel quarantine. That follows similar breaches in Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth over the summer months.

At the same time there have been fresh calls each week for more people to arrive in Australia from overseas. Citizens unable to return home. Universities desperate for international students to return. Workers from the Pacific to pick the harvest, otherwise left to rot in the fields.

So, how can we fix hotel quarantine? And what do the current arrangements mean for migration in the coming months?

Listen to Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications, in conversation with Brendan Coates, Household Finances Program Director, and Henry Sherrell, Migration Fellow, about how to fix the hotel quarantine system.