How to make time for great teaching - Podcast

For many parents, the pandemic has brought into sharp focus the role of teachers, and just how much work they do. Not only are teachers expected to teach their core subjects, but supervise lunchtimes and after-school activities, support students’ mental health, and complete a large amount of administration work – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For our latest report, Making time for great teaching, our staff surveyed more than 5000 Australian teachers and school leaders, about the impact of these responsibilities on teachers’ time.

The results are dramatic – and digging into what they mean for education in Australia, are the authors of the report: Program Director Jordana Hunter, Deputy Program Director Julie Sonnemann, and Associate Rebecca Joiner. Podcast hosted by Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications.

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Jordana Hunter

Education Program Director
Jordana Hunter is the Education Program Director at Grattan Institute. She has an extensive background in public policy design and implementation, with expertise in school education reform as well as economic policy.

Julie Sonnemann

Principal Advisor Education
Julie is the Principal Advisor Education at Grattan. She has significant experience in education policy and system design, and has co-authored several high profile reports on effective teaching, professional learning, equity and funding.

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