How to prevent pork-barrelling in Australian politics - Podcast

From sports rorts to regional slush funds, there seems to be no end of pork-barrelling scandals, where governments have been caught using public money to target certain voters for political gain.

This week the Grattan podcast discusses the second report in the New Politics series, on what governments can do to stop pork-barrelling.

Host Kat Clay is joined by Grattan’s CEO, Danielle Wood, and her co-authors Kate Griffiths and Anika Stobart from Grattan’s Budgets and Government team.

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Danielle Wood

Chief Executive Officer
Danielle Wood is CEO of the Grattan Institute where she heads a team of leading policy thinkers, researching and advocating policy to improve the lives of Australians. Danielle also leads Grattan’s Budgets and Government Program.

Kate Griffiths

Budgets and Government Deputy Program Director
Kate Griffiths is the Deputy Program Director of Grattan Institute’s Budgets and Government Program. She previously worked for The Boston Consulting Group with clients in the energy and health sectors, and in science and research policy for the federal Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

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Danielle Wood – CEO